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When it comes to online games such as online casino , sports , lottery and many more , Indian community has no shortage of options to choose. But which is the best when it comes in online games in India?

In this this article , let me Introduce the one of the best gaming platform in India.

Lets us know more about 11ic

11ic or 11 Indian Cricket is an online gaming company that offers a wide range of high end products from Sportbook, E-Sports, Live Casino , Online Poker , Slot machines and more

This online gaming website is a one single platform for those who like to earn and not afraid of losing. It has a simplest and easy to access websites as they approach the world of mobile technology.

It has both mobile and desktop version , where both versions are organize to give a better access.

11ic offers different online gaming services with a partnership from best gaming providers.

Here are the list of 11ic Service offers

11ic is one of the popular bookmakers in India that gives a highend products in sport, casino , slots and many other online games

Players are free to bet on their favorite sports including Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Horse racing, and other games , You can also find other services such as Live Casino, eSports, Bingo, Online Poker, Slot Machines, and more exciting gaming products.

Are you looking for better sports and casino betting app? 11ic gives the best betting platforms in different categories.

Here are the list of Casino and Sports categories!

List of Sports Categories

* GT Cricket

* 11 Exchange

* 9W Sport

* IM Sport

* SABA Sports

* BTI Sports

* Horse Book


* Live Casino

* Rummy

* Lottery

* Fishing

* Slots

As 11ic gives the best for both Sports and Casino games , we gathered the best Gaming providers


* Evolution Live

* Ezugi Live

* Playtech Live

*AE Live

* MG Live

* PP Live

* OG Live

* XPG Live

What are you waiting for ?

Register , Earn and Enjoy Playing in 11ic.

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