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Discover if 11ic is real or fake to unravel the mystery.

Updated: Feb 6

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There are a lot of online gaming apps with great reviews but who would you trust?

Let us know more about the most trusted Online gaming platform in Asia!

Before you start enjoying the gaming experience, it's important to make sure that 11ic is legitimate. Take a closer look at its licenses and ensure they comply with regulations to be sure of its authenticity.

11ic is known for being the most trusted Online gaming platform that produces enjoyable and high-end products from Sport book, E-Sports, Live Casinos, Online Poker, Slot machines, and more.

Trusted online casinos stick to strict rules. Knowing that 11ic has the right licenses gives players confidence that it's playing by the book.

How can we check if 11ic is real or fake?

Let’s check the 11ic reviews!

11ic has a good reputation rating, it’s generally a good Online Casino to play.

It has a smaller online casino revenue-wise, that takes an important factor. Bigger online Casinos shouldn’t have any issues paying out big wins, while smaller casinos like 11ic could potentially struggle if you manage to win big.

When it comes to payouts, 11ic has Fast Speed Payout.

It takes only 30 minutes up to 24 hours depending on the traffic of the withdrawals line up. So users can make multiple withdrawals per day.

11ic also is one of the safest gaming platforms to play with. It keeps all the personal data private and all personal information supplied by 11ic users is transmitted via Secure Socket (SLL 128-bit Encryption Standard). 11ic prioritizes the privacy of its users.

Discover 11ic Referral Code

If you're interested in joining the 11ic Online Gaming Website, you've probably heard about the "referral code." Wondering what it's all about? Picture it as your ticket to additional perks. Our insider says using the code not only lets you play but also gives you an extra 200 bucks for each friend you invite. That's a great deal!

And here's a useful tip from our source: share the referral code smartly with others to get the most benefits. Highlight the perks they'll get, and everyone in the gaming community wins!

Here are some other factors why we should trust 11ic!

Good Selection of games

When it comes to good games to play, 11ic offers a wide range of high-end products from Sport book, E-Sports, Live Casino , Online Poker , Slot machines, and more

Mobile Application for iOS and Android

As 11ic approaches the world of mobile technology, 11ic considered developing solid Mobile applications to satisfy both Android and iOS users.

Live Chat works 24/7

To provide better convenience to its users, 11ic offers live chat support that works 24/7 to help. Round-the-clock live chat is a clear sign of accountability and reliability. It proves that 11ic is real as it is genuinely committed to providing authentic and quality technology.

Support Multi-Currency

To provide a quicker money transaction and availability of non-Indian Users. Users are able to make deposits and withdrawals using Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, Bank Transfer, UPI, Express Pay, or the 3rd party deposit and our new payment method the USDT payment channel.

All these factors have shown that 11ic is a good betting platform to deposit. However, you should only deposit a small amount at first before putting in more money.


To conclude if 11ic is real or fake, it is a legit and appealing choice for players seeking a unique and enjoyable gaming experience. With its user-friendly interface, diverse game options, mobile apps for iOS and Android, support for multiple currencies, and strong security measures, it stands out in the competitive online casino scene.

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