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2022 ECS T10 Hungary Debrecen Vikings vs Royal Tigers

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

2022 ECS T10 Hungary Debrecen Vikings vs Royal Tigers by 11ic

Debrecen Vikings is all set to beat the Royal Tigers in this critical match 7 and 8 of ECS T10 game.

Royal tigers wept over the 3 wins of their 5 matches in last year's tournament, Royal tigers is determined to reach their dream in this important match. On the contrary the opponent team Debrecen Vikings began their campaign with consecutive defeats in their early games, and in this game, you can see that they have returned with a better understanding of how to regain after the bad records.

Game prediction base on previous match status, Royal tigers said to have a high chance to win this match against Debrecen Vikings by any means of fate. The first team to bat should be the team to win the toss.

Royal Tigers - Abdul Mannan, Abhishek Kheterpal, Abdul Rehman, Abhitesh Prashar, Akramullah Malikzada, Ajay Jaiswal, Amin Anas, Danish Sayed, Anuj Khanna, Darshan Setty, Emad Khan, Deldar Habib, Gaurang Hemraj Talreja, Hemanth Perumal, Harsh Mandhyan, Khaibar Deldar, Rabin Momin, Marc Ahuja, Sachin Chauhan, Said Sadat, Sai Goutham, Sheharyar Arif, Stan Ahuja, Shubham Dhari, Sufi Khan, Venkata Narashiman, Tonmoy Gomes, Zahir Safi, Zeeshan Kukikhel, Waqar Mehmood.

Debrecen Vikings - Ahmed Khan, Areeb Azhar, Ali Shan, Faris Iqbal, Haseeb Ahmed, Gopal Saha, Hassan Nazir, Kshf Sani, Kashif Muhammad, Mueez ul Hassan, Onur Ozkul, Muhammad Hasnain, Rakibul Rifat, Suleman Muhammad, Saad Akib, Usaar Ghori, Tahir


  • Match 7 June 14, Tuesday 4:00 PM - Debrecen Vikings vs Royal Tigers

  • Match 8 June 14, Tuesday 6:00 PM - Debrecen Vikings vs Royal Tigers

European Cricket Series match will take place in Szodliget, Hungary in a Good sunny day weather forecast.

The venue of the match the GB Oval in Szodliget, Hungary said to be great for bats that are more positive in the second inning and the spins are supported. The second round of the contest. 125+ on average.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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