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2022 ECS T10 Hungary United Csalad Budapest vs Cobra Cricket Club

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

2022 ECS T10 Hungary United Csalad Budapest vs Cobra Cricket Club by 11ic

Today, March 16 two teams United Csalad Budapest and Cobra Cricket club will take on the GB oval in Szodliget for the 13th and 14th match of the ECS T10 Hungary.

In the running European Cricket Series both teams COB and UCB have same defense so far. COB and UCB have played four game each team take home three wins.

Cobra Cricket Club has recorded consecutive win over the Royal Tigers in recent matches. Meanwhile, United Csalad has twice defeated the Debrecen Vikings. In second place is the Cobra with six points and a net run of + 2,576 +, and United Csalad Budapest in third place with the same number of points and a net run of + 1,817.

The GB Oval training course will be very useful for players here. This is a good level to serve, the bowlers cannot reach the goal. However, the last few games were low.


Abhishek Shetty

Amal Jacob

Amit Parihar

Amit Nain

Ajith Sreedharakurup

Amit Pandey

Ashrith Darapureddy

Arun Venkatarajan

Anil Pattanaik

Ashutosh Mathur

Dheeraj Gaikwad

Bharath Deshpande

Ghulam Abbas

Bhavani Adapaka

Francis Farrell

Cicil Kurian

Izharullah Kokihil

Hafeez Ullah

Madhu Sabbavarapu

Jeremy Polarouthu

Jack Murrell

Jogi Sehgal

Mark Fontaine

Muhammad Burhan

Satyender Parihar

Muhammad Soban

Raja Gohar

Obaid Ur Rehman

Vinoth Ravindran

Ravi Yadav

Saurabh Mehta

Sanjay Kumar

Satish Inakoti

Satyadeep Ashwathnarayana,

Shiekh Rasik

Srinivas Mandali

Usman Muhammad

Vishnu Vasudev,

Saurabh Mehta

  • Match 13 June 16, Thursday 12:00 PM - Cobra Cricket Club vs United Csalad Budapest

  • Match 14 June 16, Thursday 2:00 PM - Cobra Cricket Club vs United Csalad Budapest

European Cricket Series match 13 and 14 will take place in Szodliget, Hungary in Sunny Weather and Hopefully it will remain the good weather throughout the day.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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