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Adding power to Power-play: Shubman Gill game-plan in IPL 2021

Updated: May 31, 2023

Shubman Gill IPL 2021


The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Shubman Gill is magnificence. The promising youngster has established himself as a reliable opener in the lengthier format of cricket. However, he is yet to show his full potential in the shorter series.

Gill has been the most persistent score for the Kolkata Knight Riders, but as an opener, the stylish right-hander has decline to fire in the Power-play, which was an scope concerning for KKR in the last IPL campaign. He anticipates turning things around in time to help KKR get off to a quick start when the new season of IPL begins on Friday.

Last year they don’t have many great Power-play. Yet, confidently this time its going to be different. They have a set game-plan and I am sure it will be a lot more excellent than last year, according to Gill.

Gill has been opening the innings for the Kolkata Knight Riders, but is yet to discover a settled partner at the top.But that appeared to be a non-issue for the Punjab lad.

He don’t think that having different opening partners has affected his game, since he is comfortable batting with anybody. He just want to play his game and bat according to situations. If they get a good start in the Power-play, then its all about capitalizing on it. If don’t, then they need to find ways to get back in the game, according to the 21 years old.

Eoin Morgan take over the KKR captaincy last season after Dinesh Karthik gave up mid-way to integrate on his batting. Since Morgan is currently receiving a full season to coach, Gill is excited to learn from him. In order to help his players, he visits them and inquires as to what is needed. He is always very supportive and stimulating. Morgan is a really calm captain.

The KKR lineup already had deadly spin weapons in Sunil Narine and Kuldeep Yadav. The addition of Harbhajan Singh would provide a significant challenge to their opponents. Contemplating on KKR most recent possession Harbhajan, Gill said. He is a very accomplished campaigner and he has done will in one of the hardest venues for spinners, which is Mumbai. He has played in the IPL for a long period of time. With him coming in, it contribute a lot to the table.

The second wave of COVID-19 has made life in a bio-bubble challenging for players. Gill said they must adapt to the new normal.

Shubman Gill, a name that resonates with excellence and promise, has made significant strides in the world of cricket. This article explores the background and journey of the talented Indian cricketer, highlighting his early life, entry into the sport, and notable achievements. Gill's story serves as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers and showcases the importance of perseverance, dedication, and passion in pursuing one's dreams.



Born on September 8th, 1999 in Fazilka, Punjab, India, Shubman Gil is a Punjabi Indian. From a young age, he displayed a natural affinity for sports, and cricket quickly became his passion. Transition words like "in addition" and "furthermore" can be used to connect sentences. Gill's father, Lakhwinder Singh, recognized his son's potential and nurtured his talent by providing him with the necessary resources and support.


Gill's exceptional performances in domestic cricket caught the attention of selectors and cricket enthusiasts alike. He represented Punjab in various age-group tournaments and consistently performed at a high level. His stellar batting skills, solid technique, and ability to score runs consistently earned him a reputation as a promising young talent.

U19 World Cup Triumph and Breakthrough

Shubman Gill's breakthrough moment came during the 2018 ICC Under-19 World Cup. As the vice-captain of the Indian team, he played a pivotal role in leading his side to victory. Gill topped the run charts in the tournament, accumulating 372 runs at an average of 124.00. His exquisite stroke play, maturity, and ability to perform under pressure showcased his immense potential.


Gill's impressive performances at the U19 World Cup earned him a spot in the senior Indian cricket team. In January 2019, he made his international debut in a Test match against Australia. Gill's ability to adapt quickly to the international stage was evident, as he displayed confidence and composure in his approach. Transition words like "moreover" and "additionally" can be used to connect sentences. His impressive technique and solid technique made an instant impact, and he went on to score valuable runs in subsequent matches.


Shubman Gill's growth as a cricketer has been commendable. He has showcased consistency in his performances, both in domestic and international cricket. Gill's ability to adapt to different formats of the game, his versatility, and his hunger for runs have earned him a reputation as a dependable batsman.


Shubman Gill's background and journey in cricket exemplify the qualities required to succeed in the sport. From his early days in Fazilka to making a mark on the international stage, Gill has proven his mettle through hard work, dedication, and determination. His talent, technique, and ability to perform consistently make him a prized asset for Indian cricket. As he continues to evolve and take on new challenges, cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing the further growth and success of this extraordinary young talent.

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