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Basketball in India

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Basketball in India - 11icBlog2

Basketball is a popular team sports which 2 teams with 5 players each opposing each other.

In India , basketball is commonly played in High schools, colleges, and in universities. A considerable patronage for the younger generation. It can played by both men and women. There are many government institutions has a professional basketball teams who work for there institution and play for them. It considered as one of the most widely played sport in India.

Brief History of basketball in India

Basketball was played for the first time in India year 1930,

Indians learned to appreciate the game because of the fast and intense activities from beginning to end. India was the first country to adopted basketball just within a few years after the game was establish in India.

Indian Men’s National Basketball Team

India Men’s National Basketball Team was controlled by Basketball Federation of India to represent India in a international men’s basketball.

Indian Men’s National Basketball Team History and achievements

In year 1965, India appeared for the first time at the international stage in 1965 Asian Basketball Championship and after a decade of India playing regularly at the event year 1975 the team had their most successful tournament and the team even reached the final four.

Year 1980, Indian team appearance at 1980 Summer Olympics was the most noteworthy tournament, the team got a chance to represent Asia . India finished 12th out of 12 in the Olympics after getting knockout in the preliminary round by losing 3 matches and 5 match on classification round.

In the late 90’s , Sozhasingarayer Robinson the first Indian basketball player that gain an international attention when he led a surprising victory against the one of the Asia’s top teams , the South Korea Men’s National Team.

In 2011 FIBA Asia Championship , for the first time India had their own strength and conditioning coach under the former Sacramento Kings , Kenny Natt.

Year 2012, under the supervision of the former NBA D-League Scott Flemming.

Year 2012, under the supervision of the former NBA D-League Scott Flemming , the team won the South Asia Championship 2014.

The establishment of professional league was a major steps in continuing the success of Indian team.

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