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Cobra Cricket Club vs Royal Tigers European Cricket SeasonT10 2022

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Cobra Cricket Club vs Royal Tigers European Cricket SeasonT10 2022 by 11ic

Tonight, June 15, 2022, these two teams will face off in the ninth and tenth matches of the ECS Hungary T10 2022 at the GB Oval, Szodliget. ECS Hungary T10 2022, starts on 13-06-22 and ends on 18-06-22. A total of 14 games are scheduled in this ECS Hungary T10. In total of 5 teams will participate in this ECS Hungary T10 2022.

The Royal Tigers Cricket Club won three matches in a row and showed outstanding play. Although they started their season with a defeat in the first European Cricket Season, they have defeated the Debrecen Vikings in the last two games with 50 and 42 runs respectively.

Meanwhile, the rival team in match 9 and 10 The Cobra Cricket Club had a great start and has won both matches so far. In the previous game, they beat 55 points to the Debrecen Vikings. Having won a draw and decided to bat first, they started well, a large number in the standings always surpassed them and their throws were very successful single shots.

  • Match 9 June 15, Wednesday 12:00 PM - Cobra Cricket Club vs Royal Tigers

  • Match 10 June 15, Wednesday 2:00 PM - Cobra Cricket Club vs Royal Tigers

Royal Tigers - Abdul Mannan, Abhishek Kheterpal, Abdul Rehman, Zeeshan Kukikhel, Abhitesh Prashar, Akramullah Malikzada, Ajay Jaiswal, Amin Anas, Danish Sayed, Anuj Khanna, Darshan Setty, Emad Khan, Deldar Habib, Gaurang Hemraj Talreja, Hemanth Perumal, Harsh Mandhyan, Khaibar Deldar, Rabin Momin, Marc Ahuja, Sachin Chauhan, Sai Goutham, Sheharyar Arif, Said Sadat, Stan Ahuja, Shubham Dhari, Sufi Khan, Venkata Narashiman, Tonmoy Gomes, Zahir Safi, Waqar Mehmood.

Cobra Cricket Club - Adeebuddin, Amit Nain, Amit Pandey, Zoltan Marosy, Arun Venkatarajan, Amal Jacob, Ashutosh Mathur, Bharath Deshpande, Bhavani Adapaka, Cicil Kurian, Hafeez Ullah, Jeremy Polarouthu, Jogi Sehgal, Muhammad Burhan, Obaid Ur Rehman, Ravi Yadav, Sanjay Kumar, Satish Inakoti, Satyadeep Ashwathnarayana, Shiekh Rasik, Srinivas Mandali, Usman Muhammad, Muhammad Soban,Vishnu Vasudev.

According to Szodliget GB, the Oval is a balanced level. The team that wins the toss chooses to bat first. Meanwhile, the pacers are ahead on this field in the first overs. Of course, there will be an advantage to the mid-over. All in all, this is a good shot. So, let’s look at the effective competition between COB and ROT. The weather forecast for Cobra Cricket Club vs Royal Tigers Match should be mostly cloudy or sunny or clear and rainy.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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