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Confusion on India : Online Gaming (Regulation) Bill , 2022?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Online Gaming Bill in India - 11icBlog2

Online gaming is a virtual gaming usually played through internet that have attracted players from variety of ages , occupations and nationalities.

In India, online gaming is not prohibited , online gaming with stake or real money is allowed in the most states of India. Indian market remains one of the most attractive markets for online gaming.

Betting and gambling are under the State list of Indian Constitution but only few States have taken measures to attempt to regulate this area.

April 2022 , the Online Gaming (Regulation) Bill was introduce as a private member bill in the Lok Sabha, in the midst of India’s most premier sporting event and on the heels of the upcoming sale of media rights of the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is expected to fetch huge number.

The bill brings ambit all form of online gaming irrespective of whether it is a gaming of skills or chances. The bill propose to establish a custodian, an Online Gaming Commission (Commission) which to be constituted by the Central Government. The Commission shall have the power to oversee the functioning of online gaming websites and take measure to restrain illegal online gaming.

In addition, the commission would have the power to formulate rules relating licensing , manner of keeping accounts, person who may be permitted to play online games, organization of online games, etc.

The bill seeks to establish a constitutional agency by the Central Government which would have powers to regulate online gaming.

The Bill appears to be insufficient yet the "suspect" constitutionality of the Bill, considering gambling being a state-subject, it remains to be seen whether there is enough political will to take this Bill forward.

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