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European Cricket Series Italy, Bologna T10 2022 Finals

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

European Cricket Series Italy, Bologna T10 2022 Finals by 11ic

Two strong and competitive team make it to the finals of European Cricket Series T10 Bologna 2022. Cricket Stars head on a a face-to-face match against Bologna Cricket Club. Cricket Stars had a great Super Five period. They won three of their four games and make it to second in their group with six points. They then beat Trentino Aquila in qualifying 1 by 29 points to reach the final.

In contrast, Bologna Cricket Club finished third in the group having, like the Stars, won three of their four matches. They ended up lower in the standings due to a worse net run rate. Bologna defeated Venezia in the Eliminator of four wickets and defeated Trentino Aquila in Qualifier 2 of seven wickets to reach the title.

A complete victory for the champion, who not only won by a wide margin, but also successfully defended his title. Cricket Stars were the best team of the tournament, they easily overcame all the obstacles and now they have won an amazing silver. A good return for the cricket stars, even if it will be a bit difficult to defend against the good bologna. They didn’t get to the best start as they lost their group at the start of the previous game, but they still showed a lot of spirit in that match and defeated Bologna by 14 points in the final.

​Finals Bologna Cricket Club vs Cricket Stars Cricket Stars won by 14 runs

Cricket Stars - Abdul Rehman, Babar Hussain, Lovepreet Singh, Nasir Ramzan, Sukhpal Singh-I, Attiq Rehman, Mehmoor Javed, Haseeb Khan, Deependra Shekhawat, Nalain Haider, Rajmani Sandhu,

Bologna Cricket Club - Umar Gujjar, Muhammad Rasheed, Faizan Nazar, Muhammad Adnan, Waseem Shahzad, Haroon Cheema, Tasin Mostafa, Huzaifa Mahmood, Shaheer Saleem, Balwinder Singh, Malik Sarfraz.

European Cricket Series T10 Bologna 2022 Finals happened at Oval Rastignano, Bologna, Italy.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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