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European Cricket Series Italy, Bologna T10 2022 Match 9-12

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

European Cricket Series Italy, Bologna T10 2022 Match 9-12 by 11ic

Bologna Cricket Club meets Cricket Stars in ECS T10 2022 Game 9. Bologna started its campaign in the limelight. They won the opening match against Padova CC by a whopping 16-point margin in a high-scoring clash. Their squad of players is very strong, and they are trying to keep their pace.

On the contrary, Cricket Stars also started its campaign by completely dominating Lulla United. After scoring a whopping 148 points while batting first, they won the game by 96 points, and this could be a stunner of a match between two fit teams.They will try to continue their success in this competition as well and will make sure they are in the top 2 with one foot. Must especially now that Cricket Stars won by 5 wickets against Bologna Cricket Club.

​Match 9 Bologna Cricket Club vs Cricket Stars Cricket Stars won by 5 wickets

Padova CC meets Cricket Stars in ECS T10 Game10. Cricket Stars started the tournament with an impressive win over Lucca CC in the opening match. Cricket stars are expected to dominate this match as they are head and shoulders above their opponents.

Padova CC lost the first match against Bologna by 16 points. Padova CC must do their utmost to make this match balanced and exciting for the fans. But in the end Cricket Stars won the match by 9 wickets.

​Match 10 Padova CC vs Cricket Stars Cricket Stars won by 9 wickets

Lucca United faced Bologna Cricket Club in ECS T10 11th match.Lucca United played and lost a match. They were hammered with both the bat and the ball in their previous match and were found underweight in all three divisions. So, it will be very interesting to see how they approach this challenge to try and beat their opponents. They have a great game coming up where they have to score points on the scoreboard to keep their heads out of the water in this competition.

Bologna got a good win in the first time by eliminating their opponents. They need this good form of batting to move forward, with improvements on the pitch and with the ball. But on the way to this match, they are the favorites to win. By the way, they lost the first game of the day but manage to win this match by 31 runs.

​Match 11 Lucca United vs Bologna Cricket Club Bologna Cricket Club won by 10 wickets

Both teams are now out of the final qualifiers, but neither team wants to lose. They play for pride and do their best to have an unforgettable trip. So, the expectations are high in this T10 match as both teams occupy the field at the last minute in this T10 match.

Lucca United got off to a poor start, losing their opener to Cricket Stars by 96 runs. Likewise, Padova CC lost their first game against Bologna Cricket Club by 16 points. Although Padova CC is expected to win this match in the end Lucca United won by 31 runs.

Match 12 Lucca United vs Padova CC Lucca United won by 31 runs

Match 9-12 European Cricket Series T10 Bologna 2022 happened at Oval Rastignano, Bologna, Italy.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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