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European Cricket Series Italy, Brescia T10 2022 Match 1-4

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

European Cricket Series Italy, Brescia T10 2022 Match 1-4 by 11ic

Brescia CC will meet Janjua Brescia in the first match of ECS T10 Brescia 2022. Brescia CC and Janjua Brescia will start their season with this match. Both teams have a good balance between young players and experienced players. Brescia CC eventually managed to successfully defend their total. It didn't seem like they had too many players on the board to play with, but their bowlers responded to the challenge and delivered under pressure. They played well in power play, but Janjua Brescia was under pressure and didn't let them come back into the game afterwards. Their bowlers have always chosen wickets well and will be delighted with this performance after the way their batting innings have ended.

Janjua Brescia's batters did not fare well as many of them started, but they didn't stay long enough to get them across the finish line. They couldn't form partnerships and attack the bowling alley properly. Their bowlers did an exceptionally good job of getting them back in the game, but their racquets struggled to compete with real quality bowling from Brescia CC. Brescia CC starts successfully and won by 15 runs.

​Match 1 Brescia Cricket Club vs Janjua Brescia Cricket Club Brescia Cricket Club won by 15 runs

Cividate recorded four wins, two losses and two goalless goals in the competition stage in the 2021 edition, reaching the semifinals. On the other hand, Kings XI was not seen last season and they will want to start their season on a high note.Both teams are said to show cricket supporter a high score game when they take the field.

Kings XI makes his debut at ECS Brescia today. From first glance at their team, they look like a team full of hitters, so they're spoiled for choice when it comes to picking their batting division. However, they were part of ECS Rome in 2020, finishing 4th in Group B, not only losing a place in the semi-finals, but also failing to make it to the Shield final. On the second match Kings XI Cricket Club won by 8 wickets.

​Match 2 Cividate vs Kings XI Cricket Club Kings XI Cricket Club won by 8 wickets

On the third match of the c, Brescia Cricket Club take a face-to-face match Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club. Many have said that Jinnah Brescia is one of the strongest teams to have set of the ECS, in previous eedition Jinnah Brescia were the champions and will want to defend their title with head up. Jinnah Brescia has many great players and hopes they have good contact for the tournament.

Brescia CC had a great start to the tournament and started this edition with a dominant victory over Janjua Brescia in the curtain. After hitting first, they scored 88 points on the scoreboard, a score that seemed a touch below average, but the bowlers stepped forward and did the work for them, eventually finishing the match by a margin of 15. points. The squad looks well balanced and will certainly try to maintain the winning momentum with another win over the formidable Jinnah Brescia. On the third match Brescia Cricket Club won by 43 runs.

​Match 3 Brescia Cricket Club vs Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club Brescia Cricket Club won by 43 runs

Match 4 of ECS T10 is a face-to-face match between Brescia 2022 Cividate vs Pak Lions Ghedi. Both teams have performed exceptionally well in previous national tournaments and are among the top contenders for this year's ECS T10 Brescia tournament. Pak Lions Ghedi has many experienced players while the Cividate team has many new and young players.

Cividate will do anything to win the game and start the tournament on a positive note, but Pak Lions Ghedi are a relatively better team. The game must be won by the Pak Lions Ghedi as per the cricket supporters but in the end Cividate won by 44 runs.

Match 4 Cividate vs Pak Lions Ghedi Cividate won by 44 runs

Match 1-4 of European Cricket Series T10 Brescia 2022 happened in JCC Brescia Cricket Stadium, Brescia Italy.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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