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European Cricket Series Italy, Brescia T10 2022 Match 5-8

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

European Cricket Series Italy, Brescia T10 2022 Match 5-8 by 11ic

Cividate has played two games so far and won one. Arslan Muhammad has scored more for them so far and he should continue to score points. Zain Ali and Kuljinder Singh are also key hitters for the wings. Ram Sunil and Zain Ali must deliver the ball again with the ball and Isra Munshi and Hamad Afzal, among others, must return to the field.

Jinnah Brescia played and lost a game yesterday. It was a pretty heavy loss, and the cause was some mistakes in the field, along with some loose deliveries. But what was even more disappointing were the strikes, in which too many actions and mistakes were committed. They are a quality team of Jinnah Brescia, so they have to learn from their mistakes and come out strong in this game. The 5th match was successfully taken by Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club by 8 wickets.

​Match 5 Cividate vs Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club won by 8 wickets

Pak Lions Ghedi will take on a face-to-face match with Janjua Brescia Cricket Club in the sixth match of the ECS T10 Brescia. Both teams have not started the tournament well since Janjua Brescia Cricket Club lost their first game to BRCC by 15 points, while Pak Lions Ghedi lost their first game to CIV by 44 points.

Janjua Brescia Cricket Club will be looking to win the game and make a comeback in the tournament, but Pak Lions Ghedi are a relatively better team. The game should be won by the Pak Lions Ghedi.The 6th match was successfully taken by Pak Lions Ghedi by 37 runs.

​Match 6 Pak Lions Ghedi vs Janjua Brescia Cricket Club Pak Lions Ghedi won by 37 runs

In the seventh game of the ECS T10 Brescia 2022, Kings XI will face Brescia CC.Both teams will enter this match with a lot of potential and more confidence thanks to the victories obtained in the first matches.

Brescia made their ECS T10 Brescia 2022 campaign a good start, winning both their opening day matches. They defeated Janjua Brescia first by 15 points before beating Jinnah Brescia by 43 points. I am currently leading with four points. Kings XI also won their only match on day one, beating Cividate by eight wickets. They are currently second in the standings. But with all the expectation form this match Brescia Cricket Club won by 16 runs.

Match 7 Brescia Cricket Club vs Kings XI Cricket Club Brescia Cricket Club won by 16 runs

Jinnah Brescia made a propitious start to the tournament by beating Cividate by eight wickets. Faheem Nazir's quick innings of 40 points and 24 deliveries kept the team in the game while chasing an 84-point goal.They will try to continue their drive in the eight Match

Pak Lions Ghedi, on the other hand, did not get off to a good start, losing to Cividate by 44 points. They will try to improve their shots in this game.but in the end with all the hard motivations Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club won by 70 runs.

​Match 8 Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club vs Pak Lions Ghedi Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club won by 70 runs

Match 5-8 of European Cricket Series T10 Brescia 2022 happened in JCC Brescia Cricket Stadium, Brescia Italy.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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