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European Cricket Series Italy, Milan T10 2022 1-2 Semi-Final and BronzeFinal European Cricket Series

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

European Cricket Series Italy, Milan T10 2022 1-2 Semi-Final and Bronze Final European Cricket Series by 11ic

In ECS Italy, Milan T10 2022, Milan United are just having a bad day and they won't be happy with this effort. Their batsmen couldn't give them enough points on the board, and their bowlers couldn't do much with those points to play. A complete low and the end of the tournament for them. However, they will be happy to reach the semi-finals and will have to come back stronger next time.

Albano took a majestic victory here, so to speak, which they hope to repeat later in the title fight. Their bowlers have done well, they have also hit well, and they look like a solid all-round unit and strong contenders to go all the way too. Albano is also the first team to participate in the Super Series. In the final they meet Fresh Tropical or Kingsgrove.

​1st Semi-Final Milan United vs Albano Albano won by 7 wickets.

Fresh Tropical is probably the best team in this edition so far. They absolutely ruled out any team that got in their way. The Fresh Tropical team are unbeaten yet this season and will be looking to continue their unbeaten streak to secure a place in the finals. Fresh Tropical arrive with an impressive team and will certainly beat Milan Kingsgrove but they have to beware of the latter who has been in great shape lately. In the quarterfinals, Fresh Tropical beat Pioltello United by 17 points in a rather one-sided game.

Milan Kingsgrove have developed well in recent games and even if they are not the favorites in these competitions, they will love being underdogs again and getting something spectacular, something that will last forever.

​2nd Semi-Final Fresh Tropical vs Milan Kingsgrove Cricket Club Fresh Tropical won by 14 runs.

Milan Kingsgrove Cricket Club head on with Milan United in the Bronze-Final match. Both teams performed well in the play-offs but failed to qualify for the final. Milan United lost the semifinal to Albano by seven wickets. Milan Kingsgrove Cricket Club lost the semifinal to Fresh Tropical by 14 points. Milan Kingsgrove Cricket Club will do everything they can to win the match and finish the tournament with a good feeling, but Milan United are a relatively better team.

Both teams will have a bittersweet feeling at the start of this match knowing they can't win this tournament but would also like to finish high by taking bronze. The Bronze-Final match is expected to win by Milan United, but Milan Kingsgrove Cricket Club won by 41 runs. A comfortable win for the Kingsgroves and they will be glad they didn't come home empty-handed.

​Bronze Final Milan Kingsgrove Cricket Club vs Milan United Milan Kingsgrove Cricket Club won by 41 runs.

1-2 Semi-Final and Bronze Final of European Cricket Series Italy, Milan T10 2022 happened last July 2, 2022, at the Milan Cricket Ground in Milan.

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