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European Cricket Series Italy, Milan T10 2022 Finals

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

European Cricket Series Italy, Milan T10 2022 Finals by 11ic

Two great teams compete for the finals of European Cricket Series Italy, Milan T10 2022. Albano came from group B; they were in the lead and then it was Fresh Tropical who also led in group C.

Fresh Tropical had some hope, but not too much when they wanted to get the job done. They had some luck and a lot of determination when they found a way to get past a wicket. Irfan Shaikh hit a good leg first, his opening mate found the third man with a nick and soon Albano lost half of his team! Except for Jorawar, no one has surpassed the double digits in the top 8! But somehow the Albano hitters have found a way to practically control running speed.

Fresh Tropical defeated Milan Kingsgrove in the second semi-final, then Albano confidently beat Milan United in the first semi-final. They won United for a measly 58 and then led them to victory in just under 7 overs.

It turned out to be a one-sided affair as they fired the Sureshs in the fifth inning, calling the shots but falling like a bridge. Thanks to a brilliant bowling performance from Jorawar Singh and Monu Lal, who each won two wickets. Then it was Jorawar Singh again who fought for her and made 25 out of 15 deliveries to bring home.

Fresh Tropical, on the other hand, put a decent total on the scoreboard, getting input from Amir Sharif, Sikandar Abbas and a quick 10-from-6 shot from Hassan Jamil to give them a 92.

Albano looks like a stronger Squad than Fresh Tropical, but if Tropical perform well and put up a more Enthusiasm in this all-important encounter, there's no stopping them to a result of a winning European Cricket Series Italy, Milan T10 2022.


​Fresh Tropical vs Albano

Fresh Tropical won by 10 runs.

Fresh Tropical - Imran Muhammad, Hassan Jamil,Taseer Hassan, Shahzad Hamayun, Shahzad Sarwar, Dilawar Hussain, Fida Hussain, Amir Sharif, Shoaib Amjad, Zain Naqvi, Suliman Hakimi, Muhammad Imran, Asim Ali, Bilal Hussain, Zahid Cheema, Bilal Hamid, Sikandar Abbas, Javed Mahash, Faisal Muhammad, Haider Ali, Abdul Haseeb.

Albano - Jaspal Ram, Hardeep Singh, Irfan Shaikh, Anmol Gill, Athisham Sajjad, Ajay Kumar, Vijay Kumar, Jorawar Singh, Monu Lal, Satwinder Ram, Rohit Kumar, Ravinder Singh, Gurjit Singh, Bharti Bangar, Dev Cheema, Parveen Kumar, Jasdeep Singh, Jasvir Kumar.

Finals of European Cricket Series Italy, Milan T10 2022 happened last July 2, 2022, at the Milan Cricket Ground in Milan.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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