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European Cricket Series Italy, Milan T10 2022 Group D Match 13-15 and Group D Eliminator Round

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

European Cricket Series Italy, Milan T10 2022 Group D Match 13-15 and Group D Eliminator Round by 11ic

Bogliasco meets Pioltello United in the ECS T10 13th match at Milan Cricket Ground, Italy. Both teams will do everything they can to get their opening tournament off to a good start. Both teams' rosters will consist of an equal number of new and experienced players. As everyone predict Bogliasco squad successfully secure there spot and defeated Pioltello United in match 11 of ECS Italy, Milan T10 2022.

Match 13 Bogliasco vs Pioltello United Bogliasco won by 39 runs.

Pioltello United leads ECS Italy, Milan T10 2022 Match 14 v Bergamo Super XI. Both teams want to start their first match of the tournament well. PU have clearly lost the last three games which will increase their will to succeed. Bergamo Super XI haven't won any of the last three games between the teams. They will try to break their losing streak at Pioltello United.

​Match 14 Bergamo Super XI vs Pioltello United Pioltello United won by 26 runs.

Bogliasco meets Bergamo Super XI during the ECS T10 Milan 2022 Round of 15 matches at Milan Cricket Ground, Italy. Both teams start their campaigns in this game. BOG and BGS both have a great mix of new and experienced players. Both teams are aiming for victory in order to start the tournament with a win and solidify their position in the tournament.

​Match 15 Bogliasco vs Bergamo Super XI Bergamo Super XI won by 50 runs.

Pioltello United meet Bogliasco in the ECS T10 Milan Group D Eliminator. Neither team performed well in their league matches, leading to a final elimination match between the two. One of them leaves the tournament while the other moves on to the next stage. The pitch at Milan Cricket Ground in Milan is favorable for shots, but the pacers should be able to find movement with the new ball. Fans can expect a high scoring game with some wickets from the speedsters. Bowlers who can make the bowl will be crucial in the game. The field is not expected to change significantly during the match and both teams are likely to go run after after winning the toss. Pioltello United give their all to win the match and extend their stay in ECS T10 Milan.

Pioltello United - Ali Amjad, Anees Aslam, Taha Abbas, Ahmed Muhammad, Umair Shah, Mian Abdul Qadoos, Irfan Ali, Husnain Kabeer, Ahmad Khan, Ali Raza, Tayab Sohail.

Bogliasco - Sandesh Kulapathi, Asanka Perera,Fernando Damian, Shanaka Perera, Nagodavithanachchi Nandana,Nadeesha Fernando, Rishan Thamel, Harshvardhan Madineni, Sachin Warnakulasuriya, Charith Perera, Niranga Fernando.

​Group D Eliminator

Pioltello United vs Bergamo Super XI Pioltello United won by 11 runs

Group D, Match 13-15 and Eliminator round of European Cricket Series Italy, Milan T10 2022 happened last June 29, 2022.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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