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European Cricket Series Italy Super Series T10 2022 Final

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

European Cricket Series Italy Super Series T10 2022 Final by 11ic

Roma Cricket Club won the championship of ECS Italy Super Series 2022 and will represent Italy in the European Cricket League (ECL) next year. A big win for the team and they definitely dominated during the chase. Jinnah Brescia work what’s best, hoping for a big total. However, Hosts Roma Cricket Club have won their last two matches - Eliminator and Qualifier 2 - pursuing a total of eight overs. The openers scored 59 runs in 5 overs at the start with Marage and Samarakoon. The former aggressor tried to save points at high speed and was destroyed. A pair of complete blindside defenders from Brescia gave them a breath of victory. The game looked quiet but Samarakoon, who has spent a lot of time increase, changed gears, chased after Shabbir and took him to the cleaners to complete the match in style! A lot of work from the side, and the road to this cup was not easy. Roma Cricket Club won six games in a row to claim the title! Achievement! Restricting Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club to 103 men, the batsmen did their job.

Both sides worked hard to get this game. There was no easy sailing and agility. They kept their nerve in important matches, especially Roma Cricket Club, who completed third in the points table. On the other hand, Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club topped the table with two more wins. Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club reached the final with a leading win over Fresh Tropical, while Roma Cricket Club had to go the hard way, winning two games to complete the tournament. Two emphatic wins over Cricket Stars in the knockout round and Fresh Tropical's in the second qualifier secured them a place in the match. Roma Cricket Club is one of two teams to have beaten Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club in the championship stages of this competition and will undoubtedly be a major threat for them in their quest for the title. The chase has been their forte this season and they finished the final in style! Roma Cricket Club held his nerve in difficult conditions and definitely deserved the championship.

​Final Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club vs Roma Cricket Club Roma Cricket Club won by 7 wickets

Roma Cricket Club - Thushara Samarakoon, Crishan Kalugamage, Achintha Naththandige, Akash Waduwawalage, Kaniska Weligamage, Pruthuvi Samarage, Sujith Rillagodage , Thilina Rathnayakas, Denham Seneviratne, Dammika Aththanayaka, Dinidu Marage.

Finals of ECS T10 Italy Super Series 2022 happened at Roma Cricket Ground, Rome.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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