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European Cricket Roma Super Series T10 2022 Match 9-12

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

European Cricket Series Roma, Italy Super Series T10 2022 Match 9-12 by 11ic

In the 9th and 10th match of ECS Roma Italy Super Series T20 Match, Fresh Tropical takes on a face-to-face match with Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club. Fresh Tropical got off to a great start to their ECS T10 Italy Super Series 2022 campaign, whipping Albano twice in their first two matches. Meanwhile, Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club won three times in four games.

There are quite a few batsmen on the top scorer list in the Super Series right now and they have scored well, especially when batting first. But Fresh Tropical should not be left behind as they also have three players on the top scorer list. Four players from Jinnah Brescia and two players from Fresh Tropical are among the top wicket-takers. Both teams performed well on the field.

Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club, who are topping the points table, has more momentum to take the lead in this match. They have won 4 of the 5 games they have played so far. They won the last two games they played earlier today by comfortable margins which shows how consistent their players are and how well they will rise to the occasion. Fresh Tropical, who were unbeaten in the competition before the previous clash, won both games by wide margins. Both the 9 and 10th match have won by Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club by 7 wickets and by 9 wickets.

Roma Cricket Club take on a face-to-face match with Albano in 11 and 12 match of ECS Roma Italy Super Series T10 2022. With four losses from four, that's all Albano has to do. They had some close games that didn't go their way, but they had a few more. They have to adjust and be the first to get points on the board.

Roma Cricket Club has a lot to do today, it's the first game day of the week, three games in a row. But if they get their first win, it will be a good result for them. They are the new team of this tournament. Albano won Match 11 by 20 runs and Roma Cricket Club won Match 12 by 48 runs.

​Match 11 Albano vs Roma Cricket Club Albano won by 20 runs

Match 12 Roma Cricket Club vs Albano Roma Cricket Club won by 48 runs

Match 11 and 12 of ECS T10 Roma, Italy Super Series 2022 happened at Roma Spinaceto Cricket Ground.

EUROPEAN CRICKET SERIES T20: A Thrilling Encounter in Matches 9-12

The European Cricket Series (ECS) in Italy showcased a remarkable display of T10 cricket in the highly anticipated Matches 9-12. The electrifying atmosphere, skillful performances, and nail-biting moments left cricket enthusiasts on the edge of their seats.

The Build-Up to Matches 9-12

The ECS Italy T10 tournament had been a rollercoaster of excitement from the beginning. As Matches 9-12 approached, teams were gearing up to face each other with a fierce determination to secure victories. The previous matches had already set the stage for intense competition.

Match 9: Clash of Titans

In the ninth match, two formidable teams locked horns, showcasing their prowess and determination to emerge victorious. The batsmen displayed incredible power hitting, while the bowlers aimed to curb their aggression. The match witnessed stunning sixes, classic boundaries, and exceptional fielding efforts.

Match 10: A Battle of Strategies

The tenth match brought together two teams known for their strategic gameplay. Captains strategically utilized their resources, setting up impressive field placements and bowling changes. The thrilling contest unfolded as the teams fought tooth and nail, leaving fans in awe of the thrilling chase and timely wickets.

Match 11: A High-Scoring Spectacle

Match 11 proved to be a high-scoring affair, with both teams showcasing their batting might. The boundary ropes were regularly tested as batsmen unleashed a barrage of boundaries and towering sixes. Spectators were treated to a run-fest, witnessing a display of skill, power, and precision in every shot.

Match 12: The Final Showdown

The twelfth match of the ECS Italy T10 series was the grand finale of Matches 9-12. The two teams, having showcased their strengths and skills throughout the tournament, were hungry for a victory. The encounter was an epitome of intense competition, with both sides leaving no stone unturned to claim the coveted win.


Several players stood out with exceptional performances in Matches 9-12. Batsmen exhibited their ability to score quick runs, while bowlers showcased their accuracy and variations. Brilliant catches, run-outs, and tight fielding added to the excitement, leaving a lasting impression on the spectators.


Matches 9-12 significantly impacted the tournament standings, as teams jostled for higher positions. The outcomes of these matches played a crucial role in shaping the overall dynamics of the ECS Italy T10 tournament. Every win or loss had a ripple effect on team morale and future strategies.


Fans from around the world expressed their enthusiasm and excitement for the ECS Italy T10 Matches 9-12. Social media platforms were abuzz with discussions, predictions, and celebrations as cricket lovers engaged in lively debates and shared their favorite moments from the matches.


The ECS Italy T10 Matches 9-12 provided cricket fans with an unforgettable experience. The intense battles between teams, outstanding individual performances, and strategic maneuvers added to the thrill and excitement. These matches were a testament to the growing popularity of T10 cricket, showcasing the sport's ability to captivate and entertain fans worldwide.

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