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European Cricket Series T10 Belgium 2022 Match 1-4

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

European Cricket Series T10 Belgium 2022 Match 1-4 by 11ic blog

To start the European Cricket Series T10 Belgium 2022, Ostend Exiles take a face-to-face match against Antwerp match 1 and 2. Antwerp will play their first match of the season in FanCode ECS T10 Belgium, while Ostend Exiles have won two of their last five matches in the latest ECS T10 season.

In match 1, Complete victory for the Ostend exiles as they won the match by 55runs, their dominant performance, be it batting or bowling. Ostend Exiles wickets fell, and their runs did not stop, with a total of 152 runs against Antwerp. As far as batting is concerned, there is a lot of batting, and the batsmen are playing with more right than before. With the ball, ball speed does miracles. And on the field, more saves are made, more are made, and more often. This part should be no distinct. On the other hand, in match 2 Antwerp have done quite well in recovering from their difficult situation and bit inspirational take home their first win against Ostend Exiles by 25 runs.

​Match 1 Ostend Exiles vs Antwerp Ostend Exiles won by 55 runs

​Match 2 Ostend Exiles vs Antwerp Antwerp won by 25 runs

European Cricket Series T10 Belgium 2022 2nd set of matches; Stars CC take on a back-to-back match against Mechelen Eagles CC in match 3-4. Stars CC will be their ECS launching. They have a squad full of versatile and skilled players who have competed in ECS competitions before. In the meantime, in 2020 edition the Eagles were finalists and promise to go one step improve this time.

It was a enjoyable win for the Mechelen Eagles in match 3 of the tournament and won the match by 6 wickets. Mechelen Eagles give a brilliant bowling in the first innings. 12 Stars got off to a great start in their innings, with the 43-run opening alliance amidst Nemish Mehta and Sazzad Hozzen being the highlight. They cut down short of what they could have scored after that, as they lost more than they gained. In match 4 of the tournament Mechelen Eagles makes another win against the opposing team by 31 runs. In the first match between the two sides, the Eagles were able to score 104 with 22 deliveries to spare. After a flying start by Sazzad Hosen and Nemish Mehta, the 12 Stars lost their way. With all the effort from both team match 3and 4 is definitely an exciting match in this starting tournament.

​Match 3 12 Stars CC vs Mechelen Eagles CC Mechelen Eagles CC won by 6 wickets

​Match 4 12 Stars CC vs Mechelen Eagles CC Mechelen Eagles won by 31 runs

Match 1-4 of European Cricket Series T10 Belgium 2022 happened at Vrijbroek Cricket Ground, Mechelen belgium.

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