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European Cricket Series T10 Dresden 2022 Match 1-4

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

European Cricket Series T10 Dresden 2022 Match 1-4 by 11ic

Two teams to take on the first two matches of ECS T10 Dresden 2022. After reaching the semi-finals in the previous edition, RC Dresden will start their ECS campaign amid high expectations. Although not many players have switched platforms, RC Dresden can still bet with the likes of Mustafa Khan and Gulzar Rasool. Meanwhile, FC Viktoria Berlin have a thriving side as they look to distress the cart this time around. Overall, both teams are looking to start the tournament well and will play two exciting games in Dresden.

Well, 2nd game is a repeat of the first game. RC Dresden made a big total after the battle against FC Viktoria. It was an exhibition in which the RC Dresden discoveries were brilliant. Climbing the hill, FC Viktoria should have started but they did, but then lost their wickets. It's time for FC Viktoria Berlin to get things right and push the limits, but RC Dresden will once again prove too much for them in this match as they won the first match by 56 runs. FC Viktoria Promise to work harder in the second match and it passed off as they won the 2nd match 4 wickets.

​Match 1RC Dresden vs FC Viktoria RC Dresden won by 56 runs

​Match 2 RC Dresden vs FC Viktoria FC Viktoria won by 4 wickets

USC Magdeburg take in a face-to-face match with ACB Kerala Kombans in 3rd and 4th match of ECS T10 Dresden 2022. Although ACP Kerala have a good team on paper, apart from Manu Thomas, they are very inexperienced. ACP Kerala Kombans are playing in this tournament for the first time and will begin their campaign as fast bowlers. Winning by a large margin makes other teams detect a strong team that has a compensation. With a balanced squad and top players in their ranks, ACP Kerala Kombans is ready to take part in the most interesting competition in the world. In this match, they will hope to bounce back, and build thrust to win the series.

USC Magdeburg, in the meantime, has versatile players who can help on multiple fronts. Nikhil Koneri and Mick Murray are the two best players in their squad. USC Magdeburg will return from Group B at ECS Dresden last year. Their fight was plagued with many problems that seemed to increase as the race went on. Ultimately, they complete with eight losses in eight games and missed to clinch a playoff spot.

​Match 3 USC Magdeburg vs ACB Kerala Kombans USC Magdeburg won by 16 runs

​Match 4 ACB Kerala Kombans vs USC Magdeburg USC Magdeburg won by 8 wickets

Match 1-4 of ECS T10 Dresden 2022 happened at Rugby Cricket Dresden, Dresden Germany.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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