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European Cricket Series T10 Hungary ROT vs CSB Final

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

European Cricket Series T10 Hungary ROT vs CSB Final by 11ic

Royal Tigers and United Csalad Budapest take on their final face to face match of European Cricket Series T10 Hungary last Saturday June 18, 2022.

The Royal Tigers have a magnificent campaign in the league. They climbed to first place in the table with six wins in eight games. They collected 12 runs and had a maximum net run of +3350. In the first qualifying round, the Royal Tigers defeated the Budapest Blinds with 8 goals and reached the final.

Meanwhile, United Csalad Budapest did everything possible to reach the finals in. They took fourth place in the table with 3 wins in 8 games and scoring 6 points. However, United Csalad Budapest recorded the final tickets, beating Cobra Cricket Club and Budapest Blinders.

The best fantasy player of the Royal Tigers was Abhitesh Prashar who scored 102 fantasy points. In the last game of this series United Csalad Budapest defeated Cobra Cricket Club by 23 points. The best fantasy player for United Csalad Budapest was Vinoth Ravindran who scored 101 fantasy points.

Royal Tigers - Abdul Mannan, Abhishek Kheterpal, Abdul Rehman, Abhitesh Prashar, Akramullah Malikzada, Ajay Jaiswal, Amin Anas, Danish Sayed, Anuj Khanna, Darshan Setty, Emad Khan, Deldar Habib, Gaurang Hemraj Talreja, Hemanth Perumal, Harsh Mandhyan, Khaibar Deldar, Rabin Momin, Marc Ahuja, Sachin Chauhan, Said Sadat, Sai Goutham, Sheharyar Arif, Stan Ahuja, Shubham Dhari, Sufi Khan, Venkata Narashiman, Tonmoy Gomes, Zahir Safi, Zeeshan Kukikhel, Waqar Mehmood.

United Csalad Budapest - Abhishek Shetty, Amit Parihar, Ajith Sreedharakurup, Ashrith Darapureddy, Anil Pattanaik, Dheeraj Gaikwad, Ghulam Abbas, Francis Farrell, Izharullah Kokihil, Madhu Sabbavarapu, Jack Murrell, Mark Fontaine, Satyender Parihar, Raja Gohar, Vinoth Ravindran, Saurabh Mehta.

As everyone expected Royal Tiger take home the Championship against United Csalad Budapest of the European Cricket Series T10 Hungary Tournament by ten wickets. The final Match also happened in the GB Oval, Szodliget, Hungary in a good and very cooperative sunny weather.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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