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European Cricket Series T10 Krefeld 2022 Quarter Finals

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

European Cricket Series T10 Krefeld 2022 Quarter Finals by 11ic

TV & TBV Lemgo take on Golden Star Bonn in the first quarter-final of the ECS T10 Krefeld 2022. Golden Star Bonn complete second in Group A. They won four of their eight games and finished the group stage with eight points. Golden Star Bonn beat the Koln Challengers by 33 points and six wickets respectively in their last two group stage games. In the meantime, TV and TBV Lemgo completed fourth in Group B. Like Star Bonn, they also won four of eight games and scored eight points. Though, the Dusseldorf Blackcaps and the Bayer Boosters, with 10 points each, beat Lemgo in the top two positions. Lemgo beat the Dusseldorf Blackcaps table toppers in their most last match by 19 points. In 1st Quarter Final Golden Star won by 4 wickets.

​1st Quarter Final TV & TBV Lemgo vs Golden Star Golden Star won by 4 wickets

Bayer Spartans take on Bayer Uerdingen Boosters in the first quarter-final of the ECS T10 Krefeld 2022. The Bayer Boosters ruled the league, winning five of their eight games to qualify for the playoffs by ending second in Group B. They were well served by Aritharan Thivakaran and Rajakulasingam Thinesh, who also topped majority points standings and counters. The team hopes to proceed its form in this critical match. In the meantime, Bayer Spartans did not have an impressive run in the league, winning only four of their eight games. They are lucky to be in the playoffs, so they will leave no stone right-side-up in this must-win match and in result to that Bayer Spartans succeeded to take home the second quarter final won by 7 wickets.

​2nd Quarter Final Bayer Uerdingen Boosters vs Bayer Spartans Bayer Spartans won by 7 wickets

In 3rd Quarter Final Koln CC take on a back-to-back match against Aachen Rising Stars in European Cricket Series T10 Krefeld 2022. The Aachen Rising Stars have performed particularly well in association stage matches, winning five of their last eight games. Koln CC, meanwhile, have only won three of their last eight games and we can say they had a season full of ups and downs. Meanwhile, Koln CC will do everything they can to win the tournament and reach the semi-finals of the competition, but Aachen Rising Stars are the relatively better team. Aachen Rising Stars are expected to triumph in these grueling clashes and wil all the expectation form the cricket supporters Koln CC won the 3rd Quarter Final by 8 runs.

​3rd Quarter Final Koln CC vs Aachen Rising Stars Koln CC won by 8 runs

Dussledorf Blackcaps take on a face-to-face match against Koln Challengers in 4th Quarter Finals of ECS T10 Krefeld 2022.  So far, the Dusseldorf Blackcaps has had a great campaign, and nothing seems to stop them. Leader of group B with 7 wins and 1 defeat out of 8 games. With 14 points, the Dusseldorf Blackcaps suffered a shocking defeat in the last match of the group against TV and TBV Lemgo in an intense turn-based match. Koln Challengers, on the other hand, had a very different campaign in comparison. They won 4 out of 8 games and finished 4th in Group A and progressed to the quarterfinals. They had 8 points to their name and were 2 points ahead of Bonn Blue Star. The Colin Challengers have lost their last two group stage games to Golden Star Bonn. Dussledorf Blackcaps won the 4th Quarter Finals by 63 runs.

​4th Quarter Final Dussledorf Blackcaps vs Koln Challengers Dussledorf Blackcaps won by 63 runs

Quarter Finals of ECS T10 Dresden 2022 happened at Bayer Uerdingen Cricket Ground, Krefeld Germany.

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