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Five Pacers who went Unsold in IPL auction but can Play as an Injury Replacements

Often in Indian Premier League, sometimes the player got an unexpected injury while preparing for the upcoming tournament. Such incidents, are specially apparent with the overseas stars mainly because of the tiring which they profound in all three formats of the game. Meanwhile, in each edition of the IPL, there are a definite set of players who got terribly injured and are replaced by some alluring performers.

In this procedure of replacement signing, its authorize the bowlers who are seen as a part of it completely because of their difficult task which they carry out in cricket. As such, the majority of the signings are performed with regard to the players that are unsold during the auction table, sometimes the teams further explore proponents which sometimes turn out to become the declaration of the tournament.

And now with the 14th edition of the IPL tournament due in around two weeks, the franchises might have a fair idea of who will be appropriate ones ready to take on the strains of the IPL.

Here are the list of Five Pacers who were unsold in the IPL 2021 auction but can play as injury replacements.


The Sri Lankan pacer is a very well-known player especially in the T20I for his national team. He got featured in most of the local tournaments performing in Sri Lanka and has always looked like an inspiring product especially at the pitches where he’s bound to get aid. Isuru had thoroughly represented RCB under the leadership of Virat Kohli. The pacer might be an exciting option by the teams and might bag a replacement deal because of his excellent skills.


He was very highly expected to bag an IPL contract for the IPL 2021 edition. He had vigorously performed in Australia’s Big Bash League and highly expected that he get picked to play for its former franchise Mumbai Indians in the auction. Yet, the Australian was barely able to attract a single bid. However, as far as the replacement options are concerned for all the teams, Behrendorff can be expected to become on the top picks.


In spite of being a proposition who represented India in a World Cup tournament and and valued cricketer during some of the glory years of Chennai Super Kings, it was saddening to see Mohit Sharma hardly attracting any bid. However, with his experience maybe one team can anticipate that he will get instantly picked as an injury replacement.


In IPL 2020, Cottrell was bagged by Punjab Kings for a whopping amount of 8.5 crores and become the leader of the bowling department. Its was speculated that the team would bag him again in the IPL auction but in reality, he was hardly seen creating a buzz during the auctions. With his international experience it might be a potential option if there's an opening available for him in the IPL.


Firstly, he was bagged by Royal Challengers Bangalore and second with Sunrisers Hyderabad team. His exceeding height along with some raw pace and bounce he might be an alluring options for the teams and try him with his bowling. In a wider sense, he can be picked by those IPL teams and as a viable option if there’s a need for a potential injury replacement.

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