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ICC Women's Future Tour Program 2022 -2025

The International Cricket Council or ICC announce the first ever Women’s Future Tour Program or FTP.

ICC confirms the bilateral international tours for 10 teams over the next 3 years and incorporates all 3 formats of the game

As a result of a joint effort from Members, the FTP ensures more matches for teams with the enhancement of the ICC Women's Championship (IWC) to a 10-team event.

With teams featuring in more matches across formats in bilateral series, over 300 matches will be played as part of the 2022-25 FTP.

There are a total of seven Tests scheduled in the 2022-25 period. A total of 301 matches are scheduled for women cricketers, including seven Tests, 135 ODIs and 159 T20Is.

Teams will play three-match bilateral ODI series as part of the 2022-25 ICC Women's Championships, ahead of the next women’s 50-over World Cup in India in 2025.

Many of those three-game ODI series are accompanied by corresponding T20I series, with some teams opting to play five-game T20I series alongside the ICC Women's Championships fixtures.

All bilateral T20I matches count towards respective team rankings, which in turn serves as a primary mechanism for determining the teams that qualify for ICC global events.

Among the fixtures are two multi-format Ashes series during the period consisting of one Test, three ODIs and three T20Is each - one in England in June 2023 and the other in Australia in January 2025. The three ODIs in the first series will be part of the ICC Women's Championship, which provides direct qualification to the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2025 in India.

The other commitments for Australia, reigning World champions of both the 50-over and 20-over formats as well as winners of both previous editions of the IWC, include an away series of a Test, three ODIs and three T20Is in India in December 2023 apart from the IWC home series against them. They also play a three-match home series, which is not part of an IWC tour, against New Zealand in March 2025.

England, India and South Africa are the other teams to schedule Tests during this period while some teams have planned five match T20I series

England play New Zealand in both a home and away series of three ODIs and five T20Is during this period while India have three T20Is each scheduled along with their IWC series against Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies.

The West Indies play five T20Is at home versus Ireland, three T20Is in Australia, five in Pakistan, three in Sri Lanka, and three each at home against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Bangladesh play additional three T20Is each against South Africa and the West Indies (Jan '25) while Ireland play five T20Is against the West Indies in Jun 2023, three home T20Is against England in Sept '24, three away T20Is against India, in Jan '25 and five T20Is away against Bangladesh in Dec '24.

Sri Lanka play three T20Is each against Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies.

ICC General Manager of Cricket, Wasim Khan, said the confirmation of the first ever women's FTP was a watershed moment for women's cricket.

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