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India's Top 10 Great Horse Jockeys

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

India's Top 10 Horse Jockeys - 11icBlog2

Indian horse racing has been an ancient , when people rode for training and entertainment. Horse racing become one of the fancy activities not only for enjoyable sporting event but also as a source of betting. Horse jockeys play a major role in the race.

Top 10 Indian Horse Jockey

1.Akhade Sandesh

An ace jockey who created history in Indian racing by notching up 151 wins within a year , 2013-14. Got his first win compose of 64 triumphs in Quasar Trophy in Mumbai India

2.Suraj Narredu

A Indian jockey who won the McDowell’s Indian Derby in a record timing in 2015 and won 3 more Indian Derby races consecutively. He also won the International Jockeys Challenge in Malaysia , Macau and Mauritius.

3.Pradeep Singh Chauhan

One of the famous and leading horse rider in India. He has been on horse racing for two decades and won the 10th race and there was no stopping him. Chauhan cross the 1000 winners marks.

4.T.S. Jodha

Has a reputation for being the best jockey and trainer , he entered his first race in Delhi India . T.S. Jodha achieve his first win with Revan Star in Bangalore India. He entered over 800 races and won almost 46%.

5.Kritish Bhagat

An Indian horse racing jockey know by his style and confidence , his passion for horse racing shows on the field from his mount until he reaches the finish line. A top jockey who follows the style of Richard Hughes and knows the techniques of when to dally and when to crouch down.

6.S. Zervan

A most skilled Indian horse racing jockey that usually performs with top trained horses. His penchant for the best racing horse to win has built a streak like Maple Star , Silver Birch and other winning horses during his career as a jockey.

7. Akshay Kumar

He is a jockey that has a much lesser experience than the other top 10 in the list , he started riding under tutelage of SSF Hassan in Hyberabad but introduce earlier to the season race by his predecessors there is no doubt that we will soon hear that he will break the records set to become one of the Indian top jockey.

8.Dashrath Singh

Among the few top 10 horse jockey in India who not only respects his career but understands the value of the healthy competition. He was a youngster on the field who manage to win 7 race in one weekend alone and since then he has ridden the best trained horse and won a high number of race.

9.Yash Narredu

An skilled Indian horse racing jockey at the RWITC , he claim to fame comes from being the best horse jockey in the world . He entered over 1500 races at the age of 23 years old and won 190 of them.

10.Aniket Karande

A horse racing jockey known for a high number of win in a short period of time . He began racing at the end of year 2018 with Smile of Courage at Bangalore , India and won in Ooty, India . Since then , he entered the race to gain a winning record of nearly 36% .

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