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India’s Top 5 Best Volleyball Players of All Time

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

India’s Top 5 Best Volleyball Players of All Time by 11ic

In 1936 the primary interstate Volleyball championships had been held through the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) in India. For a long time, Volleyball was played unofficial but with the help of the of the Volleyball Federation of India (VFI) in 1951 the game take home the championship in good condition and the former interstate event advanced into the Senior National Championships with initial version held in 1952.

Indians find many skillful players who went on to play with huge quality for the Indian Volleyball team.

Jimmy George- is taken into consideration one of the greatest skillful volleyball games from India. Jimmy became one of the fine members of India’s National Volleyball platoon. He’s the family-in-regulation of Olympian Anju Bobby George. He represented India within side the 1986 Asian Games and additionally received an honor order for the country. He turned into one of the youngest volleyball participants to win an Arjuna Award on the age of 21. He turned into taken into consideration as one among the fashionable bushwhackers in the peak during his volleyball game in Italy.

A.Palanisamy- Palanisamy is also Greatest Volleyball Players in India. He became a member of the public Volleyball lineup that take on in the Asian Games. At the 1962 Asian Games in Jakarta, he was called lynx Because of the strength which he brings on the court. He also became the first player in volleyball to earn the Ajuna Award after leading the way for the Sivaganga District in Tamil Nadu.

Cyril Vellore- This Volleyball player from Kerala India is one of the most well known in the Volleyball game. He has taken on for India in numerous public and transnational tournament, Including the 1986 Asian Games in Seoul while he was in charge of the Indian platoon to a quotation order. In the Nineteen Eighties volleyball platoon his teamwork with Jimmy George made them a hustle to be consider as both of them work for the country. He set foot in the Arjuna Award for his contribution to Indian volleyball in 1986.

Abdul Basith- Abdul was borrn in Hyderabad India. At the Asian Games in Seoul in 1986Abdul Basith become a part of the team that received the recognition, Abdul team win a victory over Japan. He was well known for his un-masculine, Honesty, humility and strength in playing. Basith joins the Arjuna Award in 198.

Nirmal Saini- Nirmal was a former captain of the Indian woman’s national volleyball team who stand up for platoon India in a very interesting tournament. Nirmal also became the Director of Sports for Woman in a state Department

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