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IPL 2023 Cricket Balls: Per-Ball Cost and Value Analysis

cricket balls

In the exciting world of cricket, the humble cricket balls take center stage. They are at the center of the excitement in the IPL. They control every dismissal, every boundary, and every nail-biting finish. But in the Indian Premier League (IPL), cricket balls are even more special. Its cost and value are a big part of what makes the IPL so important.

This article looks at IPL cricket balls, analyzing their per-ball cost, and what they're worth. Explore how these balls compare to their counterparts in other top sporting leagues globally. Look into the factors that influence their worth and the impact they have on the IPL ecosystem.

IPL 2023 Cricket Balls: The Number Story

IPL Media Rights Revenue

The lucrative Indian Premier League (IPL) begins in 2019. In the event, the BCCI will collect an astonishing Rs 49 lakh (approximately) for each ball bowled. The board of control will also earn Rs 2.95 crore for each over the upcoming season. This comes after selling the media rights for the IPL for a whopping Rs 48,390 crore for 410 matches.

With every IPL match starting in 2023, the richest cricket board in the world would earn Rs 118 crore, over double (1.96 times) the revenue of an India home game.

The average value of an India home game is Rs 60 crore. This is according to a five-year contract for Rs 6,138 crore that Star India signed in 2018. Notably, during the previous cycle from 2018–22, the BCCI earned around Rs 55 crore from each IPL match.

Media Rights Auction and Revenue Growth

Disney-Star won the TV media rights for the Indian Premier League's 2023–27 cycle. On the other hand, Viacom18 secured the digital property for the Indian subcontinent. This historic achievement came through a first-of-its-kind three-day e-auction conducted by the BCCI. Package A, the winning offer for TV rights, was valued at Rs 23,575 crore (Rs 57.5 crore per match). Viacom18, on the other hand, paid Rs 23,758 crore to get Packages B and C, which were only for digital rights. Times Internet received the MENA and US rights, while Viacom 18 also received the rights for the UK, South Africa, and Australia in Package D.

The total amount of Rs 48,390 crore is an unprecedented sum in the Indian sports broadcast industry. It is almost three times the amount (Rs 16,347.50 crore) at which BCCI sold the media rights for the 2018–22 cycle in 2017. This highlights the rapid growth of the IPL brand, which has grown faster than anticipated.

The BCCI notably divided the IPL's TV and digital rights for the first time. They presented four packages to the bidders. Package A included television rights for the Indian subcontinent, while Package B covered digital rights in the same region. Package C offered a digital non-exclusive special package in India. Lastly, Package D encompassed rights for the rest of the globe.

They rolled out Package A and Package B at the beginning of the auction on June 12 at 1100 hours. For both the TV and digital rights, the bidding started at a base price of Rs 49 crore and Rs 33 crore, respectively. The parties may submit offers up to 30 minutes apart. With a minimum bid increment (MBI) value of Rs 50 lakh, the bidders provided estimates based on the number of matches each.

IPL Cricket Balls Compared to Others

When compared to the NFL, the IPL still comes in second place by a significant margin. The NFL's per-match valuation is twice that of the IPL's per-game cost. One NFL contest valued at $36 million, which converts to more than Rs 295 crore. However, when compared to other top leagues like the English Premier League (EPL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), the IPL's remarkable increase in valuation stands out.

The EPL has a per-game value of Rs 92 crore.  Meanwhile, the NBA lags far behind at Rs 16 crore per match. In the previous five-year cycle (2018-22), the IPL's media rights fetched Rs 16,347.5 crore. This resulted in a per-match valuation of Rs 55 crore with one ball worth Rs 23.3 lakh. At that time the IPL's valuation placed it between the NBA and the EPL. The latest deal has firmly established the tournament as one of the most valuable sporting leagues in the world.

Cost Factors of Cricket Balls

The cost of IPL 2023 cricket balls considers various factors. These include high-quality leather, top-grade cork, and meticulous stitching. Additionally, the balls undergo rigorous quality checks and testing to ensure they meet the requirements of the T20 format. Below are the main features explained:

Material: Cricket balls are made from top-quality cork and leather. The core of the ball provides a good balance between hardness and elasticity. Such features are crucial for powerful strokeplay and controlled swing bowling.

Design: The IPL ball features a prominent, multicolored logo alongside brand logos and sponsor branding.

Durability: The balls used in T20 cricket are designed to endure the high intensity of the game. This maintains their shape and performance for a reasonable number of overs. 

Branding: Reputed sports goods manufacturers often sponsor the IPL. Their branding on the cricket ball can inflate the cost.

Ideal Weight for IPL Cricket Balls

In Test cricket, the ideal weight of cricket balls typically falls between 155.9 and 163 grams. This ensures a level playing field and keeps the game interesting. This weight bracket guarantees a dynamic and equitable competition between bowlers and batsmen. In ODIs and T20Is, the balls also fall within this weight range. This ensures consistency while still keeping the gameplay dynamic and exciting. This standardized weight adds to the thrill and fairness of matches across formats. Ultimately, it guarantees that T20I games are as competitive and exciting as ODIs and Test Matches.


The significance of cricket balls in IPL 2023 goes beyond monetary metrics. They represent the essence of competition, the excitement of anticipation, and the core principles of sportsmanship. With every delivery, they hold the dreams and ambitions of both players and fans. They bring nations and cultures together in a collective celebration of cricket greatness.

By understanding the significance of the IPL cricket ball, we gain a deeper appreciation for this remarkable sporting event. It also helps us recognize the intricate web of factors that contribute to its success. 

The next time you see a boundary cleared or a spectacular yorker, keep in mind the small piece of leather at the heart of it all. It is the IPL cricket ball, a powerful symbol of cricket passion and innovation.

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