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Learn About Tennis

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Learn About Tennis by 11ic

While cricket is very popular in and Indian and England, basketball in US, Tennis is one of the world most favorite and popular sports in the world. Tennis has estimated fan base of more than a Billion and is considered one of the global sports of all. There is one name that is well known in tennis sports and has million follower around the world and that is Serena Williams from America.

Tennis is a very tiring sports that demands to use every muscle group of your body working in tandem on long period of time in four sides of the court. Tennis is also a game of intellectual, needing a players to decide and think quickly which is the best shot and strategy they’re going to use to win the game.

There a few things you only needed in playing a tennis a tennis court with regulation net, tennis racket, tennis ball and tennis shoes. This game said to be one of the easiest game to watch and enjoy as it gives you focus on two or double players in the court.

Tennis said to start in Norther France in the 12th century and soon become a popular sports in England, now Tennis played on courts all around the world by people from just all nationalities and can be watch in almost all forms of media platform. It has become one of the biggest sports in the world and in today some of the most popular league happening like ATP Madrid Open, WTA Madrid Open, ATP Challenger and woman doubles etc. You can also check betting option of this famous league in one of the must trusted gaming website 11ic.

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