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Learn How to Play Volleyball

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Learn How to Play Volleyball by 11ic

There are different ways to play the ball in Volleyball. These are the main steps you can take to get you started and understand what you can do to develop your game.

Passing - Here a player receives the ball from the server and passes it to the pint maker. This is usually done with an underhand punch in a short, controlled manner with minimal arm movement. It's literally a smack, rather than a smack.

Setting - Setting - The setter is the attacking midfielder in volleyball. They post the ball in a strategy that an attacker can shoot properly and rating a factor for his or her team. In the overhead setup, a player places every hand on their brow and make a triangle shape with their thumb and forefinger. You push the ball up together along with your arms whilst the attacker is prepared to shoot.

Spiking - This is one of the most impressive moves in the game. A spike is usually when a player runs, jumps, and hits the ball over the net with one powerful swing. This is usually a move for an attacker or shooter, as those big hits usually score points. If you are a beginner, try to avoid spikes until you can hold a long rally.

Blocking - A block is a guarding move bring in to play at the net. If an attacker moves to shoot, up to three players from the other team will approach the net and jump directly behind the attacker, arms raised. When the ball goes over the net, players block it and move to their side or the opposing team.

Digging - If the ball is heading towards the ground after an attack, a back line defender can run or dive forward to return the ball and pass it to another team member.

Listed below are positions in volleyball

Outside Hitter- Facing the net, this participant stands to the left of the sector within side the attacking zone. Sometimes called wing spikers, they often attack the ball set up for them with the useful resource of the use of a setter. While the ball is in play, they could frequently work within side the back and front rows.

Right Side Hitter - This player has similar responsibilities to the outside hitter but focuses on the right side of the field.

Opposite Hitter - This is the participant who makes the numerous points within side the game. His function is normally within side the lower back left nook of the field. Not only do they need to score, but they also need defensive skills because they are playing against the other team's opponent.

Setter- Often known as the playmaker, this participant is just like the team's quarterback. They execute offensive techniques and put together the ball for attackers to attain a goal. They are usually located on the right side of the field and can work in either row.

Middle Blocker - This player sits in the middle just in front of the net and is primarily responsible for blocking the other team's attacks. They are also an important passer, helping to get the ball to the setter.

Libero - This is a baseline player who can only work at the back of the court. They usually wear a different colored jersey from the rest of the team and are allowed in and out of the game without substitution. They can also substitute for any other player and often swap places with the middle blocker.

Volleyball is one of the most favorite games around the world and one of the most likable games to play in many gaming websites.

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