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Let’s Play Volleyball

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Let’s Play Volleyball by 11ic

Volleyball game was form as an indoor game for businessman. This game soon shows to have a broad interest for both men and woman in play fields, school and other organization and it was later brought into other countries.

Listed below are the things you needed in playing Volleyball:

Volley balls- If you notice there are two kinds of volleyball use for outdoor and indoor game. The outdoor volleyballs are sewed up together however indoor volleyballs are shape in jointly. One more dissimilarity is the material. Indoor volleyballs are made of leather materials while outdoor volleyball is usually made of blended waterproof materials.

The Court and Net - The volleyball court is design to measure 18 x 9 m, all sided by a clear area that is 2 meters broad on every sides. The volleyball net measure 32 feet long by 3 feet broad. For men, the net should be 7 feet, 11 5/8 inches. For women, the net should be 7 feet, 4 1/8 inches. The volleyball court is designed to line on two ends. All lines need to be 2 inches broad and have to be made with a visible color that is clear to see from the playing court. The middle line separates the court into two 9 x 9-meter courts. An offence line must be set three meters from the middle line.

Volleyball Clothing and Accessories

  • Volleyball shoes have a gum rubber sole and are designed for a on the side activity on the game. The interior of the sole is normally built of foam and at the same time the back is more likely to be built from nylon or mesh.

  • Volleyball Jersey should be light weight to allow the player of the maximum movement and breathability also made with the material that absorbs sweat and keeps skin dry same with socks needs to absorb sweat and prevent blisters.

  • Knee pads should be sturdy to protect your knees form fall and flexible enough to allow you to move comfortably.

  • Wearing jewelry is not allowed during volleyball game but with exception of sleek wedding bands and if not a difficulty in playing.

The goal of the game is to take the ball over the net to bring to the floor on the rival’s court and to block the same attempt by the rival team. Volleyball is a simple game of strength. A completely rebound sports known to be a game of constant motion means you can’t hold the ball.

Volleyball is one of the most favorite games around the world and one of the most likable game to play in many gaming websites.

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