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Let us know on How 11ic Affiliate Program work!

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Every betting site aims to provide consumers as much information as they can about what they have to offer, including bonuses, promotions, and the recently popular affiliate programs that offer you amazing earning potential.

11ic offers not only high  products from Sportsbook, Live Casino, eSports, Bingo, Online Poker, Slot Machines, and more exciting gaming products but also gives opportunities to earn by promoting 11ic by attracting users to register and play.

After Registering an affiliate account. 11ic will give you an access in marketing tools that can be use to attract players.

The amount of active players, registration rates, download rates, and click rates will all be monitored by 11ic.

Your commission will be based on all these factors (Minimum Active 3 Players)

How much can you earn as 11ic Affiliate?

11ic Affiliate earning is unlimited. The more you invite players , the more commission amount you will get.

Commission money can be earn by a substantial amount of commission by using the tools available to you.

11ic Affiliate  have a Multi-Tier Commission Structure

In addition to the amount of actual active players on our website that the affiliate must suggest, which is listed in the above table, you should make sure that each player you have referred is active on our website. To evaluate the caliber of each player, our website has established a set of standards. Your commission won't be paid out if you don't meet the requirements.

When can you get your commission paid out?

11ic Affiliate commssion pay out is by the 10th of the following month. For example : you will get your commission for May on the 10th of June.

What are you waiting for ?

Be one of 11ic affiliate to earn more.

Register , play and enjoy in 11ic.

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