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Let us know: One Day International

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

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Cricket is one of the popular team sport Internationally, there are various leagues where the international cricketers showcase their talents.

One Day International is a form of limited overs cricket or known as white ball cricket, this cricket competition played between two teams with international status which each teams will face a fixed number of 50 overs with up to 9 hours playing games.

The Cricket World Cup played on One Day International format and held it every 4 years. One Day International matches are also known as Limited Overs International (LOI) even this generic term may also refer to Twenty20 International matches and this major matches are also considered the highest standard of List A limited overs competition.

Brief History:

The International one day game was a late 20th century development. In the late 1970’s, Kerry Parker an Australian most powerful media proprietor in 20th century establish the rival World Series Cricket competition and it introduce many features of One Day International Cricket .

The first One Day International was held on year 1971 between Australia and England . In the first 3 days of the third Test Cricket were washout officials decided to abandon the match and play a one -off one day game with 40 eight-ball overs per side. ODI’s played in white colored kits with red ball.

The International Cricket Council maintains the ICC ODI ranking for teams , batsmen , bowlers and all rounder. ICC determines which teams have ODI status or a match under the standard of one -day rules and can also grant a special ODI status to all matches within a certain high-profile tournaments.

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