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Mizoram Cricket League T20 2023 Match Schedule and Updates

mizoram cricket league t20

Excitement was high as the Mizoram Cricket League T20 2023 kicked off on Monday, April 17, introducing two new teams. Gorkha Cricket Club and Zarkawt Lords CC made their debut. They took the place of Bawngkawn South Cricket and the 2022 champions, Chhinga Veng Cricket Club.

The tournament saw fierce competition among the remaining four teams. These teams were Kulikawn Cricket Club, Ramhlun Venglai Cricket Club, Chanmarians Cricket Club, and Luangmual Cricket Club.

Each team competed in five group matches. This led up to the thrilling rounds of Qualifier 1, Eliminator, Qualifier 2, and the Final showdown. Last season's runner-up, Chanmarians Cricket Club, took the field as the early favorites. Their presence added to the anticipation.

The Suaka Cricket Ground in Mizoram hosted all the matches of the Mizoram T20 League 2023.

Mizoram Cricket League T20 2023 Fixtures

Matches 1-7

Matches 8-15

Mizoram Cricket League T20 2023 Deciding Matches

Mizoram Cricket League T20 2023 Points Table

Complete squads for the Mizoram Cricket League T20 2023

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