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Saurashta Premier league 2022

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Saurashta Premier league 2022 by 11ic

The Saurashtra Premier League (SPL) is a 20-member cricket league based in Saurashtra, India. The league was formed by the Saurashtra Cricket Association.

In the second round of the T20 Saurastra Premier League, which begins on June 2, five teams will compete in 11 matches. Defenders Sorath Lions,with the other teams Halar Heroes, Zalawad Royals, Gohilwad Gladiators and Kutch Warriors clashed at the Saurashtra Cricket Association in Rajkot Stadium.

Each team will play the other team once, after which the top two will reach to the final on June 11. The first round of the league took place in 2019. Later versions were delayed due to Covid-19. The event begins with the Sorath Lions taking on the Zalawad Royals.

The Sauraştra Premier League matches, T20, start on June 2 - here is the full schedule, game time and details.

Match 1 Sorath Lions vs Zalawad Royals, Jun 2, Thu 09:30 PM

Match 2 Halar Heroes vs Kutch Warriors, Jun 3, Fri 09:30 PM

Match 3 Zalawad Royals vs Gohilwad Gladiators, Jun 4, Sat 09:30 PM

Match 4 Halar Heroes vs Zalawad Royals, Jun 5, Sun 05:30 PM

Match 5 Kutch Warriors vs Sorath Lions,Jun 5, Sun 09:30 PM

Match 6 Gohilwad Gladiators vs Sorath Lions, Jun 6, Mon 09:30 PM

Match 7 Kutch Warriors vs Zalawad Royals, Jun 7, Tue 09:30 PM

Match 8 Gohilwad Gladiators vs Kutch Warriors, Jun 8, Wed 05:30 PM

Match 9 Sorath Lions vs Halar Heroes, Jun 8, Wed 09:30 PM

Match 10 Gohilwad Gladiators vs Halar Heroes, Jun 10, Fri 09:30 PM

Final match date on Jun 11, Sat 09:30 PM

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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