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Updated: Sep 22, 2022


A betting strategy is a structured approach to betting, in the attempt to earn and produce a profit.

Bettors have their own wagering tips or strategies they use to win , sometimes it works but sometimes it’s not.

Like anything worth doing, achieving a better sports betting winning percentage takes both time and perseverance. Sports betting is not tantamount to gambling, so we advocate betting with skill, measure, and precision. Don’t leave everything up to luck.

And as part of gaining these necessary skills is to learn which strategies to apply and when to implement them.

Let us know some Sports Betting Strategies that may recommended!

Don’t Sleep on the Money line

Money line betting is one of the most popular ways to wager on sports, it is also a perfect for first time bettor.

If you’re new to the betting world, you can start with the money line. It’s an easier bet to research and you can pick the favorite if you want to .But some pro bettors think the money line is a juvenile bet to make and they avoid it. But, that doesn’t mean you have to.

Don’t sleep on money line bets simply because you think they’re too basic. Money line bets can be profitable if you pick the right team to win. This type of bet works for every sport from baseball to football to tennis.

Learning the Point Spread

Point spread betting involves more than picking a winner. Instead, you would bet on whether a team will win by a margin set by the oddsmakers. The favorite would need to win the game by a certain number of points and the underdog would need to win or not lose the game by more than a set number of points.

Running on the Run line

A run line bet is a 1.5-run spread attached to a baseball game. This unique form of baseball betting can be profitable for sports bettors who have done their homework on stats, trends and pitching performances.

Run line betting offers a layer of complexity to the baseball wagering experience.

Fading the Public

One of the best strategies for wagering is betting against or fading the public. This strategy is used primarily for spread and totals betting in basketball and football.

Sportsbooks typically know what teams are going to be the most heavily bet from week to week, and they adjust the spreads and totals accordingly to get bettors to bite on their numbers. And when they do, this gives sharp bettors the opportunity to go the other way and take the least popular side.

Handicapping Personnel Moves

This betting strategy covers offseason, preseason and in-season moves, all of which are equally important and should be followed closely so you remain on top of or sometimes even ahead of the latest news.

Did a team lose a star player to free agency? How does a trade or free agency affect a team’s old and new roster like when LeBron James went to the Lakers? Did a team hire a good or bad head coach? Looking at you, Jon Gruden. Was there a key injury that could impact a team’s future, or can they overcome the loss because they are so deep at that position? Is there a quarterback battle in training camp or pitchers who are killing it in spring training that could make the team stronger or weaker than a year ago?

These are all examples of moves that can and will happen over the course of a year in any particular sport, especially MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA. Gaining inside info can help you beat the book if you do your homework on the teams you’re betting on.

Specializing in One Sport

If you’re new to betting, try specializing in one sport. The reason? You won’t spread yourself too thin by trying to bet many sports at the same time. Narrowing your focus can give you a betting edge since you’re not researching every game played and putting money on everything.

By becoming a specialist in one sport, your betting confidence will grow along with your bankroll.

Now that you have a betting edge, take these strategies and make a wager at your sportsbook of choice. Who knows, you might win big and come up with some strategies of your own in the process.

You might not able to win every wager you place , but following this betting advices and strategy , you'll atleast be able to coveted betting edge.

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