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TATA 2022 Indian Premier League Playoffs: Qualified Teams

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

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On the 15th season of Indian Premier League 2022, we have saw the expansion of the tournament. This season was the second season to have ten teams to participate as an addition of two new franchise cricket team. A month prior as the 2022 IPL auction occurred , each team appeared to be wise content with their squads to this season . For the 15th season of IPL tournament, this will going to be extremely serious and will their best to get a hand to the trophy.

After the 69 matches over 57 days, the ongoing 15th season of 2022 TATA Indian Premier League Playoffs have been set , as the four teams qualified to play for 2022 IPL playoffs.

Gujarat Titans

As one of the new franchise team to play for this 15th season of IPL tournament , Gujarat Titans make their way to be on top of the league as the squad was led to be the first team to qualified for the playoffs . as they won their 10 matches out of 14 .

Lucknow Super Giants

As one of the two new franchise team of this season, Lucknow Super Giants made there as spot for this 15th season IPL playoffs even Lucknow stuttered twice before joining Gujarat for the next round as they finish the league with 9 wins out of 14 matches.

Rajastan Royals

Rajastan Royals secured their spot to be in the playoffs as they won over Chennai Super Kings and assured them to be on top two of the league as they pipped the Lucknow in the 2022 IPL point table with the record of 9 win with 5 loss.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

As they win their match against the Mumbai Indians with 5 wicket , Royal Challengers Bangalore made a spot to play in the playoffs for the 7th time as they finish their 14 matches with a record of 8 wins and 6 loss.

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