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The Importance of Identity Verification in Online Gaming

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

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Identity verification is increasingly important for gaming operators who need to be sure that players are who they claim to be before they are allowed to start playing.

Identity verification solutions can help gaming operators to verify the identity of players, without compromising security, compliance or convenience.

The ID verification process works by layering data from a range of different sources to check that an individual is really who they say they are. Age verification is also particularly important for online casinos, betting companies and gambling sites.

Players are asked to upload copies of ID documents such as a passport or driving license or provide some personal details, like their date of birth or address. This may help to check information against third-party sources, as well as live photos or selfies supplied by the player.

In addition to ID documents, contextual data, like IP addresses or phone numbers, may also be used to verify players who are signing into an account from a different device or location. If this is deemed to be suspicious, players may be asked to prove their identity to access their account. This could be by typing in a unique code sent for mobile verification or e-mail address that has already been verified.

Real-time affordability checks can also be performed in the background to make sure that new and existing players don’t gamble beyond their means.

As the online gaming became popular and gain attention not only to the bettors but also to the fraudster .It’s easy to attract attentions to fraudsters and organized crime gangs involved with money laundering.

Why is Identity Verification Important for Gaming Operators?

As fraudsters , they are trying their luck by using a stolen identities or fake documents to create multiple accounts that can be use to syphon off the money from unsuspecting victims’ bank accounts before withdrawing it.

To prevent fraud , game operator must comply with anti-fraud regulations such as KYC or Know Your Customer and Anti- Money Laundering (AML) to set several strict measures on online gaming sites and apps.

Gaming operator must put measures in place to prevent underage gaming as well as procedures to identify, protect and support bettors.

For instance, affordability checks can help online gaming companies to identify players that may be at risk of gambling more than they can afford to, without adding any additional steps for new players to complete during the process.

These may require more comprehensive affordability checks to ensure all players are responsible bettors.

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