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The Importance of License for Online Gaming in India

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

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The online gaming involving stakes is not prohibited in India , therefore, Company registration and acquisition of license are the first important essentials in starting a Indian Online Gaming Business. It gives opportunities to each licensee and make their business profitable.

Obtaining India Online Gaming License is the decision to approve the application at the discretion of the Local Regulatory Authority.

With the India Online Gaming License, Online gaming companies can operate legally.

What is Casino License?

The first step in opening an Online casino is obtaining the appropriate gaming license.

A online casino license is a certification that allows an operator to offer gaming product to players.

The permission issued by the special gaming committee is a valid proof that the ongoing business is legitimate and the winnings payout are guaranteed.

The gambling license is required for gambling activity, including games with bets or luck like slots, pokers, roulette, lottery and sports betting.

The Importance of a License

A license is essential both for the casino and players ,

With a licensed online casino gambling site, they are obligated to show that any payments you make are handled and administered well and that their product as a whole is fair and unbiased that gives a assurance to the players that all their transactions are legitimate and lawful.

Prior for the licensed to be granted or approved, the online casino site (even traditional land-based casinos) has to go through a meticulous process, the license is the stamp of approval, the “list of ingredients,” that ensures that you know what you are getting yourself into.

There are some Types of International Casino License that best for Indian Casinos

There are many different licenses available for online casinos, the best ones are those that come with the ability to operate in multiple markets

Some of the countries that offer the preferred licenses are Malta (Malta Gaming Authority), Curacao, and the UK (United Kingdom Gambling Commission).

But the best Casino license that better for Indian Players are Malta (Malta Gaming Authority), Curacao, and the Gibraltar.

When we look at customer protection and responsible gambling, the license from Malta takes home the prize.

The Maltese gambling license or MGA is one of the best international License for gambling.

Hundreds of online casinos and sports betting sites are operating under this license, as it allows them to operate in a large number of countries that aren’t regulated.

Although the license is so diverse, it does still come with strict rules when it comes to responsible gambling and anti-money laundering. Since it is so strict, this license is considered one of the best signs of a good, trustworthy online casino.

the  second on most popular international licenses is the one issued in Curacao

This license is cheaper and easier to obtain The license is one of the oldest in the world, making it very reliable and trustworthy. You will find several Indian online casinos operating under a Curacao license.

This license is very well-established and experienced regulators, used by some of the largest operators in the world.

Same as Curacao This license is very well-established and experienced regulators , it requires that the operator is based and works from Gibraltar. The process of obtaining it requires a 6-month application process and the gambling sites under this license will also have it clearly stated what type of games and how many generic games that they are allowed to offer.

Obtaining this Casino License is a complex process that made a variety of due diligence requirements that need to met.

The responsibilities of am offshore gambling companies are complex and require considerations that ensure casino to operate in the most tax-efficient way while ensuring the structure remains complaint.

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