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The Popular Sports in India : Cricket

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

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Cricket is a ball and bat game played between two teams of 11 players, Is it one of the many games that basically involve hitting a ball with a hand held implement .In India , cricket is one of the popular sports , it can be played almost everywhere in the country.

Brief History of Cricket:

The British bring cricket to India in early 1700s . It was first documented in 1721. Cricket was played and adopted by Kolis because they were sea pirates and outlaws who always loot the British ships so East Indian Company to manage Kolis in Cricket and it was been successful.

Modern Indian Organization of Cricket:

International Cricket - it is generally doesn’t follow a fixed pattern. There has a recently been a tendency to play more one-day matches or a white ball cricket than test matches. The Indian National Cricket team has provide some of the greatest players to the world like Sachin Tendulkar.

First class competition - the three tournaments under the first class competition : the Ranji Trophy , Duleep Trophy and the irani Trophy. The Ranji Trophy was founded as the “Cricket Championship of India , its first fixtures took place in the 1934-35 season. Second, the Duleep Trophy , it is a first class competition started by BCCIin 1961-62 to aim by providing a competitive edge in domestic cricket . and lastly , the Irani Trophy , it was conceived during 1959-60 season, it was named after the late Z.R, Irani the one who associated with BCCI form 1928. The Irani Trophy ranks high popularity .

Limited Overs Competition - the four tournaments under the Limited over Competition: Deodhar Trophy , NKP Salve Challenger Trophy , the Vijay Hazare Trophy and the BCCI Corporate Trophy. The Deodhar Trophy started in 1973-74 by BCCI it is a one day cricket competition in Indian Domestic Cricket . Second , NKP Salve Challenger Trophy , it was a challenger series by BCCI in 1994-95 , these tournament featured 3 teams the Indian Senior , Indian A and Indian B while the Vijay Hazare Trophy , it was started 2002-03 as an attempt to bring the limited over games and lastly, the BCCI Corporate Trophy this tournament involves 50 over a side match . BCCI set up a 12 team inter- corporate in 2009, but it was abolish after a few years.

Twenty20 Competitions- it has two tournaments , it is the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. Indian Premier League is a league was launched by BCCI in 2007-08 , the player were selected trough the auction and drafted into the city based franchise. And next is the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy BCCI launched its own state structure in 2006-07 after India became another member of ICC Twenty20 and played their first internation T20.

Youth Competitions - it has three competitions , it is the Vinoo Mankad Trophy , Yagnik Trophy and the Cooch Behar Trophy. Vinoo Mankad Trophy is a tournament for Under-19 , next is the Yagnik Trophy , this tournament is for inter college under the university level students and lastly , the Cooch Behar Trophy , it is an inter - state under 19 tournament.

Women's Domestic Competitions there are two competition under Women domestic Competition ; the Women’s senior One Day Trophy and the Women’s Senior T20 Trophy . The Women’s senior One Day Trophy started in 2006-07 season , a women’s List A cricket tournament while the Women’s Senior T20 Trophy it is the T20 competition for women played between full members of BCCI.

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