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The Rise of Baseball in India

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

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Baseball is a game played between two teams, that take turns playing offense and defense. Its a game played with bat, a ball and a gloves between two teams.

In India , baseball is usually played in local clubs, schools and at the university.

Baseball in India are heating up with two largest baseball associations of the country trying to undercut each other to get a slam dunk over the game in the country. The development of the game comes as the American games is gaining a popularity in India.

Brief History of Baseball in India

Baseball was played in Manipur, India , Indian learned the game from the US troops stationed there.

Year 1983, the Amateur Baseball Federation in India was founded and the first Indian National Baseball Championship was occurred in year 1985.

Also during year 1985, India joined both the International Baseball Federation along with the Baseball Federation of Asia.

Year 2006, MLB International sent a delegate coaches to India to train the local coaches and players with the partnership of the First Pitch an Indian based baseball organization.

Year 2007, India opened the first ballpark at a farm house on the Gurgaon- Delhi border by a Grand Slam Baseball.

Year 2007, Major League Baseball agent decided to start a competition in India titled Million Dollar Arm. It was a talent search for the best throwing arms in India.

Year 2019, MBL announce the plan to open an office on New Delhi to promote the growth of baseball in India. Major League Baseball also announce the plans to stream one regular season game a week on Facebook in India, the league also stated that of would relaunch Million Dollar Arm holding tryouts in India. MLB also announce the launch of First Pitch for Primary school children from 300 schools across New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai to learn baseball by MLB coaches through workshops.

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