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Top Cricket tournaments in India: Women's Category

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

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Women’s Cricket is a team sport of cricket that played by women , the International Cricket Council (ICC) retrospectively applied First class and List A status to women’s cricket , aligning with the men’s game.

The Board of Cricket Council in India have scheduled a huge number of 2017 matches over the next domestic cricket season in India , there competitions make an exposure to show the talents of Women’s Cricketer on international stage.

Top tournaments on Indian Cricket

Just like the Senior Men Cricket ,the Board of Cricket Council in India organized 11 tournaments for women .

Senior Women’s T20 Challenger Trophy

The Senior Women’s Domestic Season begins with the Senior Women’s T20 Challenger Trophy , 2018-19 season the Board of Cricket Council in India introduce this competition for the first time.

Senior Women’s One Day League

This League is a women’s A List tournament in India that started in 2006-07 Indian Domestic Season , where 27 state teams participated and fight for this competition.

Senior Women’s One Day Challenger Trophy

This Senior Women’s Challenger Trophy is a Indian Women’s One Day Cricket Tournament establish in 2008-09 season with a purpose of showcasing the talents of India on this game and to provide a good impression for the younger players.

Senior Women’s T20 League

The Senior Women Domestic season ends with Senior Women’s T20 League , this league was inaugurated in 2008-09 where 27 domestic teams competed.

Indian Women’s Premier League

The success of the World Cup made by the International Cricket Council to promote a greater role for the Women’s Cricket. The Board of Control for Cricket in India aim to launch a women’s edition of the popular Indian Premier League cricket competition to follow their step in the next three years. The top International Women players took a part on Twenty20 exhibition game before the IPL opening ceremony on 2018. India reached the finals of Women’s World Cup , there has been a huge pressure to start a Women’s edition of Indian Premier League.

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