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Void Bets: Why Are Wagers Cancelled & What Happens to Your Bet?

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Void or cancelled bets are unfortunately part and parcel on the online betting industry. Whilst they are statistically uncommon they still happen frequently so it’s still important to know how they work and also what can happen to your bet if the situation should ever happen to you.

One thing that you should note is that they sound worse than they are and more often than not, the player is covered from anything like losing their stake or along those lines. These occurrences happen more in some sports over others, so we will try and highlight which sports or even markets they are more commonly found in.


A void bet is where you place a bet on a market and for whatever reason either the game or the market that you’ve just bet on is cancelled. The good thing about a void bet is that you are protected as a punter. So, if the bet is void, then you will get your stake refunded.

Why Do Bets Become Void?

Weather plays a major factor in cancelling events

The first thing to note is that there’s a long line and it’s more common in some sports over others. If you’re unsure as to why a bet might have been void then the best advice that we can give is to head over to social media (Twitter is our favorite for this) and then search the team, player, horse or whatever it is that you’ve bet on to find out any news on it.

More often than not, social media is the fastest place to find out up to date information on pretty much everything these days, and this should answer your question as to why exactly it’s been voided. Obviously, you can contact the bookmaker directly, but this is often more time consuming and if you are frustrated as to the reason why it might be voided, can simply add to that frustration.

Here is a list of factors that can cause a void bet:

Postponement – The most obvious and also most common is the postponement of a match or race. In the UK, this usually has something to do with the weather, but it can also be other things, such as terrorist attacks or crowd trouble.

Palpable Error – This is where the bookmaker has made an error, often in regards to the odds on offer. So, if you find that you were able to take odds of 100/1 on a horse that all other bookmakers were offering 2/1 prior to the start of the race, the bookmaker has in their powers to void this bet and not pay out any winnings. However, it is worth noting that you can appeal palpable errors if you think that the voiding of the market was unfair.

Abandonment – If an event is abandoned at any point, then markets that haven’t already been settled will be deemed void.

Failure to Settle Market – This is where the market has not been settled at any point and as a result, will not pay out. For example, if you bet on the first goal scorer in a football match and that player does not take part in any of the game.

Human Input – You can actually request for bets to be voided prior to the start of the bet if you wish. So, if you place the wrong stake or choose the wrong bet, you can often contact the bookmaker and ask for them to void the bet for you and return your funds.

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