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10 Best Cricket Bat Brands for 2024: Channel Your Inner Virat Kohli

cricket bat brands

It is true that cricket is the most popular sport in India. That was the case even before India's independence. Some of the greatest cricket bat brands in India have been used by Indian cricket legends like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, and Rahul Dravid to motivate the country's youth players. It's time to look at our picks for the top cricket bats in India if you're a lover of the game and want to know what it's like to be one of the greatest.

As we step into 2024, the cricketing landscape continues to witness innovations in bat design and technology. With an array of options flooding the market, it can be challenging to discern which brands offer the best quality and performance. To help you channel your inner Virat Kohli or any cricketing hero you admire, we've curated a list of the 10 best cricket bat brands for 2024.

These bats come from popular cricket bat brands like Kookaburra, Tape Tennis Ball, and SS. Using the greatest Indian cricket bat is essential if you want to be the best. These bats are extremely durable since such brands use only the best wood in their construction. Additionally, their aerodynamic form makes them ideal for the actual cricket stadium conditions. Below are the top Indian cricket bats.

11IC Top 10 Best Cricket Bat Brands for 2024

1. DSC Scorer Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

A Singapore cane handle combines quadruple spring technology and reinforced rubber for a striking that is both comfortable and powerful. Additionally, the bat has a toe protection to help maintain its immaculate condition, making it a durable item. Savor the 700 grams of light weight that this 60 L x 15 W cm bat has to offer. Cost of the DSC Scorer Bat: 1,655.

Because only the finest Kashmir willow wood was used in its construction, this bat is incredibly durable. Additionally, the bat complies with the "Made in India" concept because it was handmade in India. With this bat, experience some of the most amazing pickups you've ever felt.

2.  Aarav MRF Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

With a 33.5-inch height and a 4.5-inch blade, this is a full-sized bat. The harrow bat is the perfect size for both field cricket and gully cricket. With a weight of about 1.1 kg, it is also a very light bat. No matter where you are—at a stadium or your neighborhood park—you can rely on this bat for dependability. Rs 1,799 for the Aarav MRF Bat.

You may be confident that this bat will provide you with the best and most long-lasting product because it is made of Kashmir willow. If you want to make the biggest impact possible on leather balls, Kashmir willow wood is also the greatest. The entire cane short handle, which is fully wrapped with a premium rubber octopus grip, is available for usage.

3. Kookaburra Adult English Willow Cricket Bat

The bat comes with a free cushioned cover. This ensures that it sustains little wear and tear when not in use or during transport. It's interesting to note that the bat underwent a lengthy series of procedures to end up in production. With dimensions of 86 L x 11 W cm, this bat weighs 1.35 kg. Cost: Rs 39,326 for the Kookaburra Cricket Bat.

With its flawless workmanship and very strong design, this Kookaburra bat is the most premium option on the list and is unbeatable in any situation. Crafted from 100% pure Grade 1 quality English willow, you can rely on it for the finest performance.

4. SS Kashmir Willow Bat With Leather

Another one of the top cricket bat brands is SS. With its classic design and performance, you can feel the aerodynamic utility of this SS bat. You may anticipate a fantastic selection, powerful range, and extensive coverage when using thick edges. This perfect bat will help you become an expert cricketer. Price of SS Cricket Bat: Rs 17,999.

This bat, which is another excellent option on the list, is made of Kashmir willow, a highly respected wood. This cricket bat is ideal for those who have an intermediate skill level and a strong interest in the game. This bat weighs between 1231 and 1280 grams and has a Sangakara color.

5. CE Tape Tennis Ball Cricket Bat

Simply said, this bat is excellent for practice because of its curved profile, which helps the player immensely while hitting light balls. Make use of this bat's short handle to hit long-range strokes and advance in your game, which will help you reach your full cricketing potential. CE Cricket Bat Cost: 17,300 Rupees.

This Tape Tennis Ball bat is an excellent option if you're searching for a fashionable bat that will look great throughout the stadium. The 907-gram weight of this bat makes it ideal for both practice and leisure use. Blue, red, and white make up the color scheme of this stylish bat.

6. Gray Nicolls Classic GN6

Another one of the potential cricket bat brands is the Gray Nicolls. Gray Nicolls Classic GN6 cricket bat is perfect for enhancing players' performance. It features Grade 2 English Willow for a balanced power-to-weight ratio. With 36-40 mm edge thickness, its large edges provide a bigger sweet spot and cleaner bat-ball connection. Meanwhile, the Powercurve face enhances stroke feel and potential power. With a high profile for easier pickup, it offers a lighter feel for longer innings. The bat sports a classic look with a natural finish and minimal stickers.

Pricing for the Gray Nicolls Classic GN6 varies by retailer and bat size. In India, it typically ranges from ₹14,749 to ₹17,599 (as of April 24, 2024). With regards to its weight, we can expect it to be on the lighter end for a full-size bat. It is likely around 1270 - 1360 grams. The GN6 combines traditional bat-making techniques with quality materials to deliver solid performance and feel for cricketers.

7. SG Profile Xtreme

The SG Profile Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat is perfect for cricketers looking to elevate their game. Made from the finest Grade 5 English Willow, hard-pressed and traditionally shaped. This bat offers superior quality, power, and performance for players who demand the best.  It features a large sweet spot with clear grains, a big edge, and a powerful toe to maximize clean bat-ball connection and powerful shots. The SG Profile Xtreme weighs in at approximately 1160-1200 grams. Moreover, it is available in various sizes (SH, H, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1) to suit different players. Such a bat undergoes testing to assess its compatibility with a leather ball. The bat comes with a full-length bat cover for convenient carrying.

The price range of SG Profile Xtreme is between ₹3,759 and ₹7,499 in India. It provides a balanced blend of performance and value. The bat is ideal for cricketers looking for a powerful and lightweight bat made with high-quality materials.

8. GM Mana Bullet English Willow Cricket Bat

The Mana Bullet cricket bat is one of the finest cricket bat brands. It is perfect for developing players, power hitters, and budget-conscious cricketers. It utilizes English Willow, known for its lightweight feel and good balance between power and control. However, the specific grade of willow depends on the model. This further impacts both price and performance (generally between ₹6,000 and ₹10,000). The Mana Bullet features a mid-to-low sweet spot. Therefore, it is ideal for players who like to play the ball off the ground with powerful drives.

Some Gunn & Moore models incorporate technologies like "Maximus Pick-up" for balance. However, Mana Bullet uses traditional bat-making techniques. It features a pronounced bow for a lighter pick-up and easier maneuvering. The bat also comes along with large edges for increased chances of clean, powerful hits even on off-center shots. The Mana Bullet comes in various sizes (Men, Size-6, Size-5, Size-4, Size-3) to suit different age groups and playing levels.  It also features a Treble Spring Singapore Cane Handle for shock absorption and an extra soft. The ergonomically shaped grip with vibration dampening technology increases its comfort and control.

9. BDM Dynamic Power Super English Willow Cricket Bat

The BDM Dynamic Power Super cricket bat is a powerhouse built for serious players. The price of the bat is ₹20,900. Weighing in at 1160-1220 grams, it features a thick spine and hefty edges (60-62mm and 40-41mm respectively) for powerful strokes. Crafted from top-grade English willow with a pristine face showcasing 7-9 straight grains, this bat is a testament to quality and precision. But the power doesn't stop there. The BDM Dynamic Power Super features an expanded sweet spot for a cleaner ball connection. It also includes the BDM Power ARK blade for maximizing top stroke power. The bat boasts an additional wood behind the sweet spot. This ensures a perfect balance for a comfortable pickup and a powerful punch. The short handle with rubber and cork inserts further enhances control by providing remarkable rigidity for maximum power transfer. 

10. CEAT Resolute English Willow Bat

Our last on the list of top cricket bat brands is CEAT. The CEAT Resolute English Willow Cricket Bat is made from Grade 2 English Willow. It offers a good balance of power and weight, making it suitable for a wide range of players. The bat features big edges for a larger sweet spot. It also includes a Powercurve face for an enhanced stroke feel and a high profile for a lighter pickup during long innings. The price varies depending on the retailer and bat size. However, expect to find it in India between ₹31,472 and ₹17,599. The CEAT Resolute relies on traditional bat-making techniques and high-quality materials. This combination delivers a good balance of performance and feel for cricketers.

Having the appropriate bat might help you reach new heights in the fast-paced game of cricket. The ten cricket bat brands mentioned above contain everything you could possibly need, whether you're searching for cutting-edge technology, flawless workmanship, or powerful strokes. In 2024 and beyond, embrace your inner Virat Kohli, go confidently up to the crease, and let your bat do the talking.

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