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How much is the ICC World Cup Trophy Price?

world cup trophy price

The ICC Cricket World Cup trophy is a symbol of excellence in international cricket. It has become one of the most coveted awards in the sport. The trophy's design often incorporates elements that represent the spirit of cricket. And winning is a testament to a team's skill, perseverance, and teamwork.

Like many sports trophies, the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy is not a typical "price" in the sense that it cannot be bought. The winning squad in the ICC Cricket World Cup event receives this esteemed honor. In the cricket world, the trophy is extremely significant, both historically and symbolically.

The ICC World Cup trophy is not just a mix of silver and gold—it holds greater significance. It is a work of art that wonderfully embodies the spirit of cricket. With each iteration, this 1999 design fundamentally altered the idea of a conventional trophy. In the cricket community, it started to stand for unity and constancy. Each World Cup edition used to have a unique trophy made for it.

Over the years, various cricket boards and nations have celebrated the achievement of lifting the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy. They make it a cherished moment in the history of the sport. The trophy presentation ceremony is a highlight of the tournament. It is where players and fans alike witness the culmination of weeks of intense competition.

world cup trophy

The Iconic ICC World Cup Trophy

Paul Marsden of Garrard & Co. created the iconic trophy. A group of artisans in London spent two months meticulously crafting it. Otte Will Silversmiths in Ashford is currently crafting the trophy.

Millions of fans across the world watch the ICC World Cup for more reasons than just the fierce on-field battles. The trophy, which represents the height of cricket achievement, is another important factor. After the finals on November 19, all eyes will be on the ICC trophy, which the winners will lift. Cricket's greatest achievement and brilliant emblem is the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup Trophy.

Take a closer look at the intricate details of the iconic ICC World Cup trophy. It is a symbol of unwavering greatness.

The design of the trophy may vary from edition to edition. The emphasis is on the honor and recognition it bestows upon the winning team rather than a monetary value. For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy, including its design details, it's advisable to check with official sources such as the International Cricket Council (ICC).

A golden globe with bells, three silver stamps, and a stumped wicket adorning it serves as the trophy's centerpiece. Encircling the globe, which represents our world, are silver stamps and bells that exhibit superb craftsmanship. The stumped wicket is a representation of cricket's essence. It catches the thrilling moments when bowlers overpower batters.

As a historical record of cricket, the base of the trophy has inscriptions that emphasize the year and the winning country of each World Cup. There are currently eleven of these inscriptions. All of them attest to the amazing incidents that have been documented throughout the history of cricket. Besides, there's always potential for more as the legacy of the ICC World Cup grows.

The winning side receives a permanent replica that is the same as the original. The International Cricket Council (ICC) is still in possession of the inscriptions and the trophy itself. In the history of the Cricket World Cup, this 1999 change represented a significant development.

World Cup Trophy Price in Lakh

An award this outstanding has to be created financially. The approximate cost of making the ICC World Cup trophy is Rs 25 lakh (about 30,000 US dollars). The cost shows how much consideration is put into making a trophy that symbolizes cricket success.

The trophy is 60 centimeters tall and weighs approximately 11.0567 kilograms. These make it a visually stunning representation of the pinnacle of cricket performance.

From October 5 to November 19, 2023, India hosted the World Cup, which consisted of 45 league matches and three knockout games. The victorious side in the India vs. Australia final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 will pocket $4 million, or roughly Rs. 33 crore, while the losing team will gain $2 million, or roughly Rs. 16 crore.

The six teams that did not advance to the semifinals were paid US$100,000 (about Rs 82 lakh), while the champions of each group stage match took home $40,000 (roughly Rs 33 lakh).

South Africa and New Zealand, the losing semi-finalists, received $800,000 (about Rs 6 crore) apiece from the $10 million total prize fund. Teams contested 48 games across 10 different venues from October 5 to November 9.

Conclusion on World Cup Trophy Price

Ultimately, the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy lacks a traditional price tag, despite its immense significance within the cricket community. The prestige, dignity, and self-assurance it bestows on the team that triumphs in the prestigious competition determines its worth. The trophy, which stands for the pinnacle of cricket brilliance, is the product of players' and teams' diligent labor, talent, and commitment. Official sources like the International Cricket Council (ICC) should be consulted for the most recent information on the trophy or any associated updates. Throughout cricket's illustrious history, the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy requires no price. It has stood as a symbol of accomplishment and inscribed the names of legendary players.

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